Review by Lauren Page with Photography by Lynsey Dawson

“You’re going to see The Rasmus? THE Rasmus?” is the main question I received when I informed people if my Tuesday night plans. The Finnish rock band have been on the scene since ’94 and still manage to draw in a crowd worldwide in 2019. Arguably the groups most popular album, Dead Letters, was the focus of this tour with the band playing the album in full and then finishing with a selection of songs from their other records.



The group touched down in Glasgow on Tuesday, October 8th with Czech band Eddie Stoilow which despite being an incredibly different sound to The Rasmus, came across well with the crowds in Glasgow. The band announced that this was their first time playing in Scotland and they were impressed by how loud and wild the Scots could be. Not bad for a first show?

Not long after, the headline of the evening took to the stage playing the entirety of Dead Letters from start to finish. The highlight of the show for me was their best known track – In The Shadows. Despite playing a small venue, the light show and graphics that accompanied the band left me in awe. From snippets of music videos to lyrics across the back of the stage, the show was engaging from start to finish.



After playing all 10 songs from Dead Letters, the band turned to the audience to announce the next section of the show would be songs chosen by the fans. Stools appeared on the stage and the rock band changed to an acoustic session to deliver Sail Away, No Fear and Liquid before jumping back into their lively state for Night After Night, Lucifer’s Angel, Dead Promises and a selection of other tracks which went down a treat with the fans.

25 years on and The Rasmus still deliver an unforgettable show, and with a new record set to hit stores too, fans are in for an absolute treat with these guys.




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