Review and pictures by Sophie Jones

The Pretty Reckless were formed in 2009 and perhaps best known for their single ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ which reached the #20 in the UK charts back in 2010. Now they are currently touring the UK in support of the band’s third album release ‘Who You Selling For’ and Birmingham’s O2 Institute was sold out for their return to the city since 2014.

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First to take to the stand was drummer Jamie Perkins followed by guitarist Ben Phillips and bass player Mark Damon taking their positions while “sexual moaning” sounds were played before Taylor Momsen finally took to the stage before a screaming audience.

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They opened up with ‘Follow Me Down’ and as always Momsen was dressed in her trademark black from head to toe, she was on fine form, bounding across the stage, flailing her blonde hair around whilst also reaching out to the fans throughout the show who had queued to get to the front.

They continued with fans favorites from that and their debut album Light Me Up, delivering tracks ‘Sweet Things’ and ‘Heaven Knows’ and eventually followed by a fan favourite track ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ with Momsen taking a turn playing the guitar on various tracks throughout.

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Also since the tour was about promoting their latest album, ‘Who Are You Selling For’, some new songs were given an outing; ‘Hangman’ and ‘Prisoner’ were very well received and the fans could be heard singing along to various tracks throughout the whole night.


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