Review by Jess Goodman with Photography by Denise Wilson

The Parrots have long garnered themselves a reputation as a band that prove to be as wonderful as they are wild at any given performance. Energetic, engaging, and anthemic to boot, theirs is a show that can bring even the dreariest of evenings to life.

The Parrots_14-10-18_Hare&Hounds_Birmingham-0630

Opening act The Hungry Ghosts are no strangers to the Hare & Hounds stage – and as such, from the moment they step under the bright lights the group feel to be in their element. The outfit smoulder and sizzle, their dark energy and driving rock and roll a thrilling introduction to a spectacular night.



If anyone wanted to characterise Creatures’ stage show in a single word, an apt descriptor would be ‘cinematic’. Tropical rhythms meet sprawling western riffs, and dance moves à la John Travolta in Pulp Fiction are in abundance as the band power through their set. The group present themselves with an unmistakable sense of swagger and flair that’s entirely their own, and with the simple promise that “we’ll do our best to warm you up,” Creatures effortlessly draw the audience into a lush and vibrant world of their own.



Diego Garcia, Alex de Lucas, and Larry Balboa are welcomed to the stage as heroes, and take every moment in their stride. Armed with a repertoire of hits, the outfit (joined part way through the show by a friend and fourth band member on guitar) keep the room dancing long into the night.

The Parrots_14-10-18_Hare&Hounds_Birmingham-0567

Conversation from the group is minimal, but really, who needs it when the party is in full swing? And with a soundtrack like the one The Parrots provide, the night certainly felt like a party. Abiding favourites like ‘All My Loving’ are greeted with grins and impassioned dance moves, while the rallying chorus chants of ‘No Me Gustas, Te Quiero’ and the shanty-esque ode that is ‘Somebody To Love’ incite venue wide sing-a-longs.

The Parrots_14-10-18_Hare&Hounds_Birmingham-0670

The Parrots_14-10-18_Hare&Hounds_Birmingham-0711

Perhaps the greatest part of The Parrots’ charm comes from how effortless they manage to make the whole thing look. The group are an ocean of movement throughout, frenetic energy sparking the energy of their audience as if it’s second nature. Sure, they might be a band capable of rocking with the hardest of them, but damn if they don’t make it look easy.

The Parrots_14-10-18_Hare&Hounds_Birmingham-0619

See the full photoset from tonight’s gig here.

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