The Menzingers’ neo Pop Punk Power-chord skullduggery success is theirs for the taking. As for The Front Bottoms‘ tiresome, humour-free moniker, well who says our ex-colonial American cousins don’t have a sense of Jonathan Richmond retro-irony? But, for wanting better than sticking a swarm of scorpions down your skids, you’d be hard done to beat opening band, Above Them. This energetic, noise-extreme collective of machine-gunning guitar young men with melodic chopped-crocodile chords eagerly snapping at your ear bollocks really are the business. With now-time, new-matey uber New Wave vim they immediately endeared themselves to the Hare punters with a, “Cheers for coming out early!”


Then it’s back to kick-drum, bass bastard chaos. These boys clearly eschewed SATs revision-time opting instead to watch their mum’s Betamax archives of Eddie & The Hot Rods on Tiswas when hangovers were truly heroic. This band are tighter than Optimus Prime getting his nuts caught in a vice. And, just try not thinking about Megan Fox when you ponder upon that image. It’s what your parents were always afraid of you finding out about. Get your snouts in this very rock n’ roll swill-blitz trough of oblivion right now.


Gig Review by John Kennedy
Gig Photos by Ian Dunn

P.S. (Great sound, Greg!)

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