The Trailer Trash Tracys come from London. On Facebook they list their muse as kung fu. Hmm. There’s lashing of laid-back bass-bin ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ riffing and dreamy-scape ‘Sweet Jane’ variations on The Cowboy Junkies cover. Voxtress, Susanne Azorio’s stage personna gazes with enigmatic ennui through carbon-capture dense mascaraed eyes and her Sundays, Harriet Wheeler warbling is enchanting. It’s a like having a Sigour wash in ambient Persil, ethereal Aerial and ephemeral Daz.


Sadly, the wand of The Maccabees magic had little chance to cast its spell on the reviewer this evening. For barely had the set began than matters of tedious necessity came texting my way demanding an early departure. Shame. Their undoubted panache for celestial teen-angst agendas pureed in swathes of cathedral histrionics, basking in the ghost-light of Tate Modernesque backdrops and Radiohead/Soft Cell James Joyce dreams of sub-consciousness had to be forsaken. And they continued to get ever better Tweets tell. A sublimely good-natured, capacity Institute crowd were clearly convinced. Many thanks to Susie & Morad for review passes.



Setlist: Child, Feel To Follow, Lego, William Powers, Went Away, Precious Time, X-RAy, Can You Give It, Forever I’ve Known, Wall Of Arms, No Kind Words, Pelican, Slowly One, Love You Better, Unknown, First Love, Grew Up At Midnight.


The Maccabees Review by John Kennedy
The Maccabees Photos by Ian Dunn

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