Review by Sophie Jones with Photography by Andy Watson

If you’ve never been to the O2 Academy Islington it is based inside a shopping centre where fans of THE FEVER 333 lined around the inside.

The Fever333-10

Once inside the sold out Academy; Jason Butler appeared on stage with sack over his head before a curtain dropped behind him to reveal four other members of the crew lined up in a row with the same thing before being quickly escorted off stage.

The Fever333

The Fever333-18

During ‘We’re Coming In’ Jason flew over the tops of the photographers heads to land in the crowd for a quick crowd surf before jumping back up on to the stage to soak the audience with water.

The Fever333-15

Further into the set, during ‘Trigger’ Aric Improta broke his kick drum so Jason took the time to speak with the crowd saying how f**king awesome it was to see and hear a crowd singing along to every word of ‘Burn It’, which isn’t even released yet.

The Fever333-11

The Fever333-16

There’s a reason THE FEVER 333 are calling their gigs demonstrations… because they’re about much more than just a band playing music. They’re about something much bigger than the room they take place in, or the three people onstage. It’s about spreading a positive attitude about change; Jason spoke with the audience saying that he’d just recently become a father and every day when he walks in to pick his son up from his crib he sees the future. He continued to say “What you do today will affect your children, sisters, brothers etc tomorrow, so on behalf of his son and the youth around you, do better today so the future is better for them.”

The Fever333-13

The night was non-stop organised chaos leaving everyone soaked in sweat but as Jason said these demonstrators would be nothing without all these people in the room.

The Fever333-7

The Fever333-17

Burn It
We’re Coming In
Made An America
(Beat Box)
Trigger – knives
Prey For Me
One Of Us
Soul’d Me Out
Waking In My Shoes
Hunting Season

The Fever333-6

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