Gig Review and Photography by Mark Loraine

Rock n Roll gigs on a Sunday night? Whose bright idea was that? Well it must have worked because tonight the iconic Sheffield venue The Leadmill is fair full to the rafters and all to see a bunch of lads from the Wirral who have been through the indie mill and have actually come out the other side.

The Coral

Originally part of the Britpop scene The Coral, starting out around 1996, the band have released a number of top 40 albums and singles to match and they have a new album out, ‘Move Through The Dawn’ So hopefully tonight will be a miix of old and new, which is not a chore as, remarkably, the new album is really very good and worth of any self respecting music fans ears.

But first to supports! We are spoilt tonight as we have two support acts, Cut Glass Kings, a duo that resemble the Slaves and Royal Blood (in that there are two of them) but sound not at all like them. They play a more melodic sort of punk-ish rock that is in turns heavy but somewhat tuneful throughout. Thoroughly enjoyed these guys, as did the audience, which again is often not the case for first support.

Cut Glass Kings

Next we come to She Drew The Gun. These are, I am led to believe, under the wing of a certain Mr Skelly and it is true that they have a certain scouse twang, which I believe is from the more refined Wirral – incredibly, as mentioned, birthplace of The Coral. The band is a refreshing mix of Psychedelic pop rock, mixed with some pretty awesome guitar work . Fronted by two charismatic singers, the band pump out a set of addictive, catchy tunes that has the whole audience chomping at the bit for the main event.

She Drew The Gun

She Drew The Gun

Now I have been a peripheral fan of tonight’s headliners for a very long time. Their laid back West Coast-ish groove and the amazing songwriting talents of James Skelly on tracks such as Pass it On and Bill MCcai has always been instantly recognisable for me, breaking through the mish mash of the late Britpop scene and surviving to this day. That fandom was rewarded tonight as they pretty much played a greatest hits set, performing the previously mentioned top 40 tracks, speckled with tracks from the new album such as ‘Reaching Out For A Friend’ and the incredible guitar work on ‘Stormbreaker’.

The Coral

The Coral

As I mentioned previously, tonight we were in one of Sheffield’s iconic venues, made famous by bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Reverend and The Makers etc., but tonight’s act harks back to an age before that, indeed they really have earned their place alonside the likes of Pulp who of course graced this stage back in the day. Tonight The Coral did British jangly guitar indie proud and I for one was glad I managed to be there on a cold Sheffield night to enjoy it.

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  1. Alfie Savannah Says:

    I do wish your writers would think about what they write: Firstly, The Leadmill was famous – and indeed made famous – long before Arctic Monkeys and Reverend & The Makers (seriously?)
    Secondly, the day She Drew The Gun become simply “Psychedelic pop rock” is I suspect the day Louisa stops writing politically relevant songs such as “Poem”. Poor research I assume hence the use of the words “two charismatic singers”. No mention of the co-writer of most of the second album. James the bass player! So I wonder why your photographer simply concentrated on producing unsharp pictures of just the women in the group.

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