Review by Stephen Pearson with photography by Chris Selby.

To say it’s a chilly Monday evening, the Sheffield crowd are in great spirits and well they should be, it’s been a great year so far for The Big Moon! They released their Debut Album Love In The 4th Dimension back in April, this was subsequently nominated for the Mercury Music Prize; appearances at all the major UK Festivals; and now every date on this UK Tour is either sold out or almost sold out!

The Big Moon_0015

Before we come to the headliners performance, support from Babe Punch and we are treated to a 30-minute set from Kent 4 piece Get Inuit who describe themselves as ‘Dirty Pop’. They have some great tunes in their locker with tracks such as ‘All My Friends’ being a standout track and also new track ‘Heavy Thoughts’. Frontman Jamie is clearly enjoying himself and is quite animated on stage and they are doing a great job of warming up the crowd. They close their set in fine form with the tracks ‘Barbiturates’ and ‘Pro-Procrastinator’ and I catch up with Jamie after their set for a brief chat. He tells me how much he enjoyed tonight and how well the whole tour is going. He also speaks very highly of The Big Moon and how well all the bands are getting on which is great to hear!

Babe Punch_0001Get Inuit_0002

The Big Moon enter the stage to ‘Millennium’ blaring out by Robbie Williams and I am fortunate enough from my vantage point to see the band form a group huddle just before they go on stage. They launch into ‘Silent Movie Susie’ and the Moshpit has literally started in the first 20 seconds! It’s great to see the band playing an extended set tonight after Festival season and we are treated to every track from their debut album (Did I mention it was nominated for a Mercury music Prize?).

The Big Moon_0005

The Big Moon_0004

The sound is on point at The Plug tonight and the girls are in confident mood as they play ‘The End’ which gets a huge reception from the crowd before launching into ‘Pull the Other One’ which is one of the standout tracks tonight.

The Big Moon_0010The Big Moon_0007

We are treated later in the set to an excellent cover of Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ which prompts a full audience singalong before it breaks into Pixies ‘Where Is My Mind?’ at the end of the track! Lead singer Juliette Jackson then makes an announcement that the band are celebrating their 3rd birthday since they formed which prompts a full rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ which the girls looked genuinely touched by!

Next up is ‘Cupid’ which gets one of the biggest receptions of the night, Juliette is crowd surfing and the crowd go mental! They close their set with the opening track from the album ‘Sucker’ and everyone is going home happy! “Sheffield you’ve been amazing” declare the band and it’s very admirable that within 2 minutes of leaving the stage, they are back out of the dressing room to meet and greet their fans!

The Big Moon_0014The Big Moon_0011

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I’ve been fortunate enough to catch the band live a few times and this is the best I have seen them, it’s great to see how much they have grown in confidence since they started and the band have a great rapport not only with the fans but also with each other. Keep your eyes on The Big Moon as the future is only going to get brighter for them!

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Silent Movie Susie
Nothing Without You
Happy New Year
The Road
The End
Pull the Other One
Love in the 4th Dimension
Eureka Moment
Hold This
Total Eclipse of the Heart/Where Is My Mind?

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  1. Steven Meli Says:

    Their album is called “Love In The 4th Dimension”… “My Love Is Cool” is the debut by Wolf Alice :)

  2. Bianca Says:

    Thank you Steven, we’ve updated that 😉

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