Them Crooked Vultures By the time Them Crooked Vultures were about due to take the stage the 02 academy was completely crammed full. Their album “Them Crooked Vultures” has had warm reviews since its release but the anticipation in the crowd suggested that it’s not music fans that have cast the judgement. Normally when bands come out the venue will cut the background music and dim/turn off the lights but in this case Dave Grohl simply walked across the back of the stage and waved to the crowd, for a split second there could have been confusion that he was a roadie, but once the crowd realised who it was the room erupted with cheers. The other member of Them Crooked Vultures soon followed in a similar relaxed and unassuming way. Before their arrival the simple stage set up revealed nothing as to the bands identity, all except a vulture perched atop the drummer’s microphone. When all four band members were on the stage the whole place stood to cheer them. It was like a standing ovation before they had started.

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