Rihanna Nothing to do with the performance - that was stunning - but more to the point, the fact that Rihanna didn't come on to the stage till nearly 10pm - almost an hour and a half after Pixie Lott had finished her performance. Now, it didn't really bother me, I had my iPhone to potter about with and there was a LOT of eye candy about, but - and it's a big BUT - the majority of the crowd were young girls, many of whom would be reliant on lifts off beleaguered parents/public transport to get home. I think even superstar Divas have a responsibility to their fans. It could have been a technical fault or she could have been applying another layer of make-up, who knows, but not a word of explanation or apology was uttered from either Rihanna or her management amongst the multitude of boos from the increasingly frustrated crowd as to why it was sooooo late to kick off. Bad form! Rant over!

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