Jessie J What mysteries lie beneath the red curtain? The question on everyone’s lips at the O2 Academy as the crowd wait for the vocal sensation that is Jessie J. Sporadic chants of "Jessie! Jessie!" echo from the waiting gig goers amidst the relative quiet. At last... the lights dim, camera phones raise and the atmosphere rises by like a gazillion per cent in eager anticipation of Miss J’s imminent appearance. This palpable excitement cranks up several more notches as a silhouette of the gyrating Jessie appears behind the curtain. Boom! It drops to reveal the girl of the moment. A huge neon ‘Jessie J’ sign makes for a striking stage backdrop to Miss J dressed in a black asymmetric catsuit, (a stylish one arm, one leg number with gold encrusted bra embellishment) and rocking her now trademark super shiny box bob hairdo.

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