Review + Photos by Jason Broadhurst

Having already played a couple of festivals around Europe this summer Stone Sour are now ready to hit the UK with a few dates, first up is tonight’s gig at the Manchester Apollo. Arriving at the venue there is a buzz around and fans are here in their numbers with the queue reaching far into the distance.


The only support of the night comes from Texas band Nothing More. After a couple of songs Daniel Oliver props his bass up onto a stand and proceeds to lunches into a unconventional bass solo, as he swings the stand round both Jonny Hawkins and Mark Vollelunga join him in playing it with the latter even showing encouragement to the crowd for their participation in cheering them on. It certainly is a unique way of entertaining but definitely effective. With latest album ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’ released last year, the band are keen to show the crowd what they are made of tonight and they are certainly no pushovers and more than held their own.



As the clock hits 9.20 the lights dim and the sound of Blues Brothers ‘I Can’t Turn You Loose’ fills the room before each member makes their way to the stage and smash into an opening performance of the awesome ‘Whiplash Pants’. The band weave their way through a couple of songs before frontman Corey Taylor disappears off stage only to reappear again with a big confetti gun. This receives a mighty cheer and he duly obliges by aiming it into the crowd and showering them in it.


It’s clear to see just how much of a rapport he has with his fans with many following him from the early days which is represented in the varying degrees of ages here tonight. Chants of ‘Corey, Corey, Corey’ from the crowd fill the Apollo, which raises a big smile from the man himself as he applauds them before introducing the rest of the band.



Fan favourites of ‘30/30-150’ and a beautiful solo rendition of the hit ‘Bother’ are played before bursting into a number of hard hitting tracks. Finally they end on the heartfelt track ‘Through Glass’ which brings a rapturous applause to proceedings.


They swiftly follow up their set with a quick encore of ‘RU486’ and ‘Fabuless’ before disappearing off the stage for a a final time leaving the crowd with the sound of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’. Stone Sour may once have been in the shadows of Corey’s other band Slipknot but these days they very much warrant their status amongst one of the best rock bands around.



Setlist: Whiplash Pants, Absolute Zero, Knievel Has Landed, Say You’ll Haunt Me, 30/30-150, Bother (Corey Taylor Solo), Tired, Cold Reader, Get Inside, Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I), Made of Scars, Song #3, Through Glass

Encore: RU486, Fabuless

See the full photoset from tonight’s gig here.



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