Review by Hayley Clark with Photography by Hollie Turner

On a wet and windy night in Soho a crowd of 50/60 huddle into the infamous Crobar, Manette Street’s premium bar, music sheet wallpaper and memorabilia adorning the walls with wooden vintage floors to give the feel of an old school rock bar, on entry names were taken and crossed off whilst vouchers were handed out for a drink to cure your “Valentine’s hangover!” – courtesy of Glam Rockers Steel Panther.


The anticipation of the crowd eagerly awaited the hush hush album launch party for ‘Lower the Bar’, glam rock clothes adorned the front row with heavy eyeliner and lots of lacquered hair with posters dotted around advertising American comedy rock gods Steel Panther’s latest offering.


In true eighties glam rock fashion the crowd started to sing the lyrics of ‘Community Property’ as they eagerly waiting for their idols. The side door opens and frontmen Michael Starr and Satchel appeared in the doorway to raucous cheers and the crowd swooning over their tight leather look, high-fiving their fans as they made their way to the intimate stage with low level lighting setting the mood.

“Holy S**t!!!” proclaimed Michael, the venue reminiscent of the House of Blues days where they started “We missed ya!” with a huge grin on his face, explaining how they left band members Stixx and Lexxi at home but don’t worry as temporary new member Axel was here and he was extremely big in the trouser department. The show was being streamed through the ever popular Facebook live and to give them a cheer as they’d be watching at home, sharing each other’s internet in their pants, true rock and roll style!!!



Their crude yet cheeky humour instantly began with their naughty banter as they belted ‘Girl from Oklahoma’ in this exclusive acoustic set followed by the crazy catchy latest offering ‘Poontang Boomerang’… yes the one that previewed on adult channel Pornhub and featured the cute talking Pussy. The jolting riffs and strong chorus make the track an anthem for any party, if you haven’t seen the video, we suggest YouTube in case you get distracted on the previously mentioned site it’s featured on. Surprisingly if you search Steel Panther rather than title track you get concert footage of pretty girls going wild bearing their breasts and getting up to frolics with the band on their too, so not the first time they’ve featured on Pornhub.


The audience participation was on point and suddenly transcended into what could only be described as a really special thank you shown to those loyal fans that had braved the rain and travelled miles to see half of their idols. Ever the gents and eager to take requests and play whatever the audience requested a medley of hits with audience looking in adoration as the energy filled the room, guitar licks running through the bar enhancing the experience.



Hit after hit including; ‘Then You Came In’, ‘Fat Girl’, ‘Glory Hole’, ‘Tiger Woods’, ‘Community Property’,’17 Girls in a Row’ and ‘Bukkake Tears’ bringing onstage loyal fan Immy to sing a harmonising rendition with the guys, crowd singing along as the night came to a premature climax. Steel Panther treated their fans and reminded them and those watching at home why they had gave their hearts to them and loved their schoolboy smutty humour, down to earth attitude and smouldering good looks of the glam rock gods.


“See ya’ll at Download, thanks for coming tonight, buying tickets for our gig and get your friends to buy our record… Thanks again we love you guys!!!” and like that type of pleasure you just about reach before it stops and leaves you wanting more Michael and Satchel left greeting fans on their exit and leaving our lovely Gig Junkies photographer blushing as some Steel Panther lips fell on her cheek.



New album ‘Lower the Bar’ is set for release whilst the guys are in the middle of their American tour, no dates have been released for the UK apart from Download festival on June 11th but Steel Panther absolutely rocked their Valentine’s Hangover Album Launch and we’re looking forward to cranking up the album and hearing the mysterious but most definitely to be amazing other tracks on March 24th.

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