Sigma at The Royal Albert Hall, London, UK – 27th May 2017

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Gig Review and Photography by Michael Sibbons


The Royal Albert Hall, a venue which needs no introduction, famous for hosting such events as The Proms, symphonies and choirs Saturday hosted its first headline drum and bass duo; Sigma.


Sigma consisting of duo Cameron James “Cam” Edwards and Joseph Aluin “Joe” Lenzie shot to fame after their single ‘Nobody to Love’ hit the top of the charts and went Platinum. Since then their subsequent hits have featured the likes of Birdy, Paloma Faith and Take That performing highly and instantly recognisable songs. Sigma promised to turn the venue into a giant rave it’s easy to say they succeeded.


Playing as part of the Albert Sessions, offering new headliners to the Royal Albert Hall the chance to play. It allowed cut price tickets for fans and younger music fans to engage with the Hall’s Education & Outreach program providing a DJ workshop for UK Youth and East London Arts & Music.


Sigma were accompanied on stage by an assortment of other performers; drummer, guitarist, small string orchestra, backing singers, percussionist and not forgetting the various hype men and singers. Playing an impressive 22 song set featuring a variety of tracks from their first album, new tracks as well as live remixing/covering a couple of other ‘dance bangers’ combined with the energy of the hype men the entire crowd was up on their feet the entire time dancing, physically making the hall shake.


The beginning of ‘Lost Away’ made the venue echo with a more familiar sound to the Albert Hall as the string orchestra did their thing. Even in the middle of a live electronic music performance, in my honest opinion you can never beat strings.

During ‘Coming Home’ the last song before the encore gave Sigma the chance to fly their flag, literally, with one of the members producing a Sigma flag to wave. The encore consisted of their two biggest tracks; ‘Nobody To Love’ and ‘Changing’. Culminating in a selfie of the performers and the entire hall and a confetti cannon showering the standing crowd.


Whilst many of Sigma’s biggest hits featured the vocal talents from the likes of Paloma Faith, Take That and Rita Ora, sadly with the exception of Maverick Sabre none of them joined them on stage. Granted this was expected but the Sigma singers knew their stuff, as wonderful as it would have been to be joined by Gary Barlow, it wasn’t necessary. Sadly there is one exception to the rule. Quite possibly because no other singer could get near her pitches the Birdy track, ‘Find Me’ honestly felt like they were playing the CD from the sound booth.


Less than a week after the events in Manchester it was obvious that people were keeping away, it was a sell out gig but there was plenty of free space. With a similar crowd aimed at young people I expect security were on edge and you can’t blame people for keeping away. Like many others I had the internal dilemma of whether I wanted to really be there. Nevertheless Manchester obviously wasn’t ignored and the crowd was instructed to embrace the person next to you, even if you didn’t know them.


Lastly I feel this needs to be mentioned, whilst waiting for the support act we noticed a guy right at the top of the hall, almost in the gods themselves, he had a whole block to himself as he danced to support DJ. He didn’t stop and was obviously quite content, his moves weren’t bad either. I can only hope he was there the entire time, dancing, not caring if anyone was watching.


With a visual show filled with lights, lasers, smoke, confetti and sparks, nothing short of what you would expect from one of the biggest dance bands in the world, combined with the acoustics of the Royal Albert Hall, this gig was nothing short of spectacular. It may have been light outside, but the place was rocking like a club, it’s not like any I had experienced before.

Leon on
Slow down
Find a Way
Feels like Home
Alright for now
Beyond the wall
Find Me
Sell my Soul (feat Maverick Sabre)
How deep is your Love
Lost away
Coming Home
Nobody to Live

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