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Scott Matthews

1777. I still find it an unbelievable fact that it’s the year that tonight’s venue – The Huntingdon Hall in Worcester – was built. With beautiful curved wood panelled pews, some with their own glazed saloon doors to form private booths for worshippers, this converted Methodist church is a testament (no pun intended) to the crafts people that both built it and renovated it.

I spoke to the Operations Manager Mik and it appears that the venue is really beginning to make a name for itself for both music but in particular comedy, as it has recently played host to the likes of John Bishop (whose gig sold out in minutes), Russell Kane and later on this year Hal Cruttenden.

Scott Matthews

But tonight’s gig is no comedy event. Aside from Scott Matthews disarming sense of humour, the sheer quality of his work – both new and old – is exemplary. Scott is touring his new album named “Home Part 1” which is due for release on 10th November 2014. This work from Scott see’s him strip back his performance having privately recorded them in his own studio to create even more intimacy, something that Scott’s work has never short of by the bucket load.

Scott Matthews Scott Matthews

With Scott brandishing little more than one of 5-guitars he had with him on-stage, one of which was a 12-string (at one point he asked the audience what instrument they’d prefer, “So, 6-string or 12-string?”), a harmonica and a particularly fetching green Fender Excelsior guitar amplifier, Scott appeared to be enjoying being his “…own support” act this evening, quipping after the intermission (for tea and cake, obv.) and that the support act were ‘rather good’.

Scott Matthews

Scott’s new work appeared just as strongly written as his previous albums, with his easy-going and laid-back conversations with the crowd giving way to the sort-of thought provoking lyrics that earnt Scott his Ivor Novello award.

Scott Matthews

He left the stage promising to meet with his congregation in the foyer for a drink, but they weren’t allowing him to leave so soon, so after much whooping and stamping of feet he returns to the stage asking “Any requests?”. He’s barely got the question-mark out before the majority of the female contingent demanded “Elusive!”, and what a beautiful rendition it was too, with Scott expertly playing his very attractive red electric (Guild?) guitar to a silent room of wide-eyeed fans.

Scott Matthews

The other fact I learnt this evening, aside from the age of this lovely building was that Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien has been quoted on the sleeve of “Home Part 1” having said “I love this man’s music…“. And that’s a very believeable fact indeed…

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  1. john bentley Says:

    Great stuff, Wayne. I like all the different photo angles in particular. It looks a lovely venue.

  2. Wayne Says:

    Thanks John. It is a lovely place, I recommend it :-)

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