Review by Zyllah Moranne-Brown.

So it’s Sunday night (or as tonight’s act tells us – as it’s a bank holiday weekend – let’s treat it as a Saturday…), and we’re on a trip to Stourbridge Town Hall, one of Dudley Borough Hall’s venues, to see an award winning comic. Welcome tonight to the mad, crazy, fast-paced, million mile an hour world that is comedian Russell Kane.

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Tonight’s gig is at the intimate venue, with seating capacity of around 450 punters – to see comedian Kane. Multi-award winning comedian – he’s known on a tele’s not only for his comedic talent, but as a presenter and actor – and is also an author and scriptwriter.  Best known as the host of three series of BBC3’s ‘Live At The Electric’, regular appearances on BBC1’s ‘Live at the Apollo’, BBC3’s ‘Unzipped’, ITV2’s ‘Celebrity Juice’ and ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Now!’ He’s just been out and about across the world with YouTube stars filming the a new survival programme ‘Stupid Man, Smart Phone’, which is available on BBC iPlayer.

Like many comedians Kane is touring endlessly, and in this brand new show ‘Right Man, Wrong Age’ he’s gonna give us his take on the “right age”,  whatever that may be. In the first of two sets, with the introduction of “Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen and people of Dudley…”

With a mike stand and bottle of water – Kane is quite literally on a high, as he takes us off at full speed, 50 miles an hour, warming the crowd up, finding out where people are from… “Birmingham? That’s exotic…” A segment on dialects – us people from the Black Country, have one that goes up and down, neither high pitched southerner, or deep northerner – our accent peaks and troughs like we’re on a bicycle. This first set is 20 minutes of ‘warm up’, to get us in the mood for the main full 1 hour and 10 minute version, after we’ve all had our break. Interaction with some audience members, which he flies off with comedy quips, and a chat about his own life – a father he could not be more unlike, body-builder, bouncer, Essex man, as opposed to son Russell, creative, camp (in a straight way)…

Twenty minutes flies by, quick break and to the main event.Apparently Kane is a changed man. “In the last year I’ve been married and had a baby. I’ve changed my hair, I’ve changed my look, I’ve thrown all my eyeliner in the bin. I literally went to my wardrobe one day and got all my ridiculous clothes and took them to the Sue Ryder shop for some other man having a midlife crisis then bought the four exact same suits in different colours from Topman. Then I got my hair as flat as it can go and I thought, ‘that’s it: this is me now’…”

So this set is about that experience. Babies. The entire time-span – Being pregnant. Planned or not. Freaking out when finding out “you” are pregnant. Type of baby (male or female). Birth. Collection. Hospital advice (as bleedin’ obvious as it is… “If your baby turns blue immediately come to casualty.”) Future. All from a male perspective. And delivered fast of pace – a whirl-wind blizzard.

Kane looks at the bizarre side of life. When he was writing this show, he found his inspiration…““I’m always looking for the moment that can make me look ridiculous in a way that is compelling. In my youth I was in the middle of spray-tanning myself upstairs in these tiny pants when the doorbell went. I went downstairs in my dressing gown and this window cleaner was touting for work. He leaned in and said, ‘I’m really sorry to disturb you: is your mum or dad in at all?”

And discovering that he and his missus are trying to hang on to why they are “before satan came along…” Kane’s observational comedy – something we all see – just cos you’ve had a baby “… you don’t have to share your baby’s picture on Facebook as soon as it is born…”  His family, from wife to parents and aunties are all larger than life as he enacts their characters, taking up most the stage at any given point in time, lying, kneeling, dancing. A whirl-wind in the Black Country. Oh and stories of fake tan.

His sense of gratitude for the job he’s doing is palpable and he confesses that touring the country and making people laugh is something he will never tire of. “I love it. If I ever have a bad day and feel miserable, I think about the things my family have done for a living. The fact that I can walk into a hotel, lie on the bed, watch a sci-fi movie, go and do an hour’s work on stage is incredible.”

Russell Kane is touring the country throughout May and June, find out more on his website.

Dudley Borough Halls are renamed and rebranded – covering Dudley Stourbridge and Halesowen, look out for some great upcoming gigs – including  Jenny Eclair, Rich Hall’s Hoedown,  Gary Delaney, Milton Jones, Matt Forde, Lee Nelson, Jethro and just announced Jason Manford. Find out more by visiting and keep up on the latest news on social media – follow them on Facebook and Twitter @boroughhalls.

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