Razorlight at SWX, Bristol, UK – 8th December 2018

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Review by David Stone with Photography by Jessica Stone

A sold out crowd caught a double-encore from indie rockers Razorlight in Bristol on Saturday, as they put on a show at SWX Bristol to promote their new album Olympus Sleeping.


A decade on from their last album, Johnny Borrell’s crew took to the stage and tore through 20+ tracks, reminding over a thousand fans why it feels like they never left!

2018’s Razorlight looks different to the one that went on hiatus back in back in the early 2010s. Even slightly different to the line-up that played the occasional festival set throughout their time away from recording albums.



Borrell’s now the only original member standing, but on entering the stage (relatively early, actually – 8:15 by my watch!) they blasted right through any concerns with high-octane opener Rip It Up.

Latecomers (of which there were a handful – the band actually took to the stage 15 minutes earlier than they’d promoted earlier in the day) also missed out on early highlights In The Morning and Keep The Right Profile, arriving just in time to hear fan-favourite Golden Touch.

Razorlight7 copy

Razorlight5 copy

The quintessential Razorlight sound’s still there – all of that signature jangle and crunch from the records was present in spades, backing some of the most memorable songs from the mid-late 2000s. Tracks from the new record blended in seamlessly with their older material – fans of the band will find a lot to like in their latest offering.

There was plenty to enjoy in the latter half of the set too – with tracks like Before I Fall To Pieces, Vice, Stumble And Fall and Don’t Go Back To Dalston all bringing back fond memories of all those indie playlists that became the soundtrack to so many summer road trips and hangouts.



With talking kept to a minimum, the music spoke for itself. Razorlight are back, and with some new material to spice up a rich back catalogue, they’re just as great as they’ve always been.

Rip It Up
In The Morning
Keep The Right Profile
Brighton Pier
Midsummer Girl
Golden Touch
I Can’t Stop This For I’ve Got
In The City
Before I Fall To Pieces
Who Needs Love
Stumble And Fall
Don’t Go Back To Dalston
Los Angeles Waltz
Olympus Sleeping
Wire To Wire

Got To Let The Good Times Back Into Your Life
Carry Yourself
Somewhere Else

Hold On

Razorlight3 copy

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