Gig Review and Photography by Andrew Mackenzie.

Currently nominated for “Best Video Award” by NME, Rat Boy are a four-piece from Essex who have been very busy with their new album tour ‘Scum’. From the sound of their latest single ‘Revolution’, this was sure to be a great show.

Rat Boy 3

The support acts really opened up the show for Rat Boy. First on the stage were Brighton boys High Tyde. I’d only been in the venue a few moments before I felt the energy they created through their music and boyish antics.  They have a pop indie rock tone, similar to Lower Than Atlantis. The crowd were mainly a younger audience, and seemed to love it, bouncing off their feet. High Tyde ended their set with a banger ‘Dark Love.’

High Tyde 1The Sherlocks 2

Next to get the crowds blood pumping were The Sherlock’s, a four-piece band from Sheffield. The Sherlock’s have strong northern vocals accompanied with an upbeat soft rock sound. The Crook boys and their band mates really enjoyed this show, their first time at The Waterfront. Let’s hope we see more of them.  Though their set was short, it was fun and enjoyable to listen to and watch them on stage.  I got the chance to hear a couple of their tracks; ‘Will You Be There’, and ‘Live For The Moment’ – the title for their upcoming album and their current single. ‘Chasing Shadows’, which is their seventh single, was a fantastic ending to the set; great guitar fills and crisp drumming.  The Sherlock’s will be releasing their debut album ‘Live For The Moment’, on 18th August this year.

Rat Boy 2

Rat Boy 4

When you first listen to Rat Boy it’s usually what you’re thinking and the same is true for them live. Looking at their footage throughout this tour, the boys seem to be really loving it and having fun. With a lot happening for the band of recent (NME award for best video and a new album) this gig was a real showcase of the hard work they put into their music.   

By the time Rat Boy hit the stage, the crowd were very lively and the band was loving the crowds energy. The atmosphere was electric and full of energy from the get go, starting off their set with ‘Turn Around Mate’. After a couple of songs they hit a slow note and got the crowd to get on each other’s shoulders with ‘I’ll Be Waiting’.

Rat Boy 5

Rat Boy’s music reminds me of Oasis and Jamie T, and has a strong  “I don’t give a f*** attitude I love my music” feel to it at times.  ‘Revolution’ which is Rat Boy’s current single really had the crowd singing and dancing along, with their hands in the air.

Rat Boy’s set was a fantastic mix of indie hip rock and electro; a batch of brilliance. The atmosphere in The Waterfront was phenomenal from start to finish.

I highly recommend trying to catch Rat Boy on their current tour; you will be sure to walk away from the show saying it was a gig to remember. And remember The Sherlock’s have a NEW album out in August and Rat Boy Are currently touring their new album ‘Scum’. Go check them out.

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