Review by Hayley Clark with Photography by Jeremy Carron

The lights beamed outside The Brixton Academy for the completion of Rat Boy’s 2018 tour, fresh from supporting Liam Gallagher and new EP ‘Civil Disorder’, the sell out crowd braved the snow and rain to catch a glimpse of upcoming starlet Rat Boy.


“How we doing Brixton?” called from the stages as Balloons zoomed around the teenage crowd.

Blue flashes came from Bad Sounds, the second of the warm up acts of the night at the historical venue, “we’re happy to play for you guys tonight.”

Powering through a teenage angst set list they parades around the stage to a rocking heavy drum beat and raucous guitar rhythm complete with a dash of triangle accompaniment thrown in. The indie/punk five piece from Bath remind you of a young New Order meets Duran Duran in their rock era, they left the crowd ecstatic.


Leaving carnage in their destruction with teens dragged over the barrier and scrambling to get out of the mosh pit, the last night of the tour promised to go off, and Rat Boy hadn’t even graced his adoring fans with his presence yet.

The crowd went wild with hands in the air as strobe lights flash blue and purple for an explosive entrance. Another girl fainted and was pulled out of the crowd as Essex teen heart throb Jordan Cardy appeared with the rest of the band bursting straight into a double whammy of ‘Chip On Shoulder’ and hit ‘Move’.


Flanked by guitarists Harry and Liam, (no not One Direction members, even though screams from the crowd would say otherwise) and Noah the drummer, temperatures soared as Rat Boy strutted around the stage spitting out lyrics and strumming his guitar.

The vigorous set of red flashing lights and high octane energy let loose as the crowd chanted along to favourites ‘Knock Knock’, ’Scum’ and ‘Slave To The System’.


Encouraging the crowd to sit down on the sweaty sick filled floor, they gladly obeyed every word from Rat Boy as they got ready to mosh like it was the last night of their lives.

‘Fake ID’ had a gigantic response from the young crowd, maybe as it appealed to 80 percent of them tonight? Smartphones were thrown into the air to capture every moment from their idol. Across the crowd young girls clambered onto their friend’s shoulders whipping off their shirts to reveal their bras, the sort of thing you’d expect at a Steel Panther gig and proving the cult following Rat Boy has gained over the last two years since we first saw him.


Appealing to both boys and girls the rifts have got tighter and vocals stronger, the lyrics from the cheeky chappy still show why the fans love him with his smooth swagger and gleam in his eye. Noah drummed along like the best of them as they came to the conclusion of what was a busy end of 2017.

‘Teenage Tearaway’, ‘Waste Man’ and ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ left the crowd bouncing around as the balcony kept them on their feet for anthem ‘Sign On’. Temperatures kept soaring as security staff handed out water to help prevent further casualties within the over excitable crowd.


Thrilling the crowd with so many favourites, faces of elation, love and adoration surrounded the band, favourite ‘Get Over It’ caused a ceremonious cheer with Jordan waving to the crowd.

The punk rock beat of ‘Public Identity’ and latest release from Civil Disorders ‘Be My Anime’ created further chaos within the disorder as the night came to an end.


Rat Boy and the band didn’t disappoint as they reappeared for an encore of ‘Kicked Outta School’ leaving carnage in South London and promising that if you though the NME nominations of 2017 were on fire, 2018 is going to be bigger and better than ever as they go from strength to strength and gain more fans along the way.

The hundreds of teens sheepishly exited what was the Brixton babysitting service tonight to waiting parents outside, unaware of their little darling’s exploits and how commendable the security team were.


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