As the Bristol Road cross-town traffic hissed by The Diskery windows, it was face-off Trivia-Quiz Time. ‘What was the dog’s name that found the stolen 1966 Word Cup* ‘What was the name of the dog who listens attentively in to the HMV gramophone?’* And then, as a triple-whammy: what was the 1966 World Cup mascot’s name*, who sang the theme tune and*; what was the singer’s dog’s name?*


Fortunately, Polly Paulusma arrived and opened her intimate acoustic set with some distinctly contorted chord structures and capo assisted open tunings with the appositely titled, ‘She Moves In Secret Ways.’ Quite why this lady hasn’t blown both homeland UK and USA Nu-Folk scenes to smithereens away by now is a matter of perplexing conjecture.

She followed with ‘Story Of My Life’ taken from her latest album ‘Leaves From The Family Tree’, a gentle, reflective Celtic air redolent with wispy Carol King/Joni Mitchell flavours.


From the earlier album ‘Fingers & Thumbs’, which she concedes ‘…is a really miserable record,’ ‘Day One’  she explored, in extended metaphorical frustration, her broody pursuit to conceive her first child. Even the ‘Nipper’ the dog on the HMV gramophone posters looked a bit put out by this one.

‘Mea Culpa’, in no small measure, inspired by seven years as a convent pupil was a dreamy, faerie’s whispered-kiss lullaby lovers’ parting lament. ‘The Dark Side Of My Moon’ meanwhile, might well have been a deliriously distracted young lovers anthem.


An insistent encore demand from all ten of us elicited ‘Last Week Me’. It’s jingle-jangle New World American roots freshness shimmered with husky-breath vocal depth and shifts between minor-chord bridges and gorgeous chorus.

A scribbly-biroed post-note on The Diskery wall relates: ‘Music is Love in search of a Word.’ Co-proprietor, Liam Scully, a mere scamp apprentice after only forty years, and, in absentia (flesh-pots of Spain?) Jimmy Shannon, forty-four years, would mightily agree.


In its 60th year of youth, The Diskery fondly remembers founding platter-master, Morris Hunting, who died earlier this year aged 82.


Gig Review by John Kennedy
Gig Photos by Ian Dunn

*Pickles *Nipper *World Cup Willie *Lonnie Donegan *Duke (Liam looked it a book, apparently.)

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