Gig Review + Photos by Mark Loraine

Well, this place is a real surprise. If you were one to use generic stereotypes you would think you had hit Hipster central. In fact, this is just a really nice place that serves their own beer and happens to have the fabulous Pip Blom in the cellar. Not tied up down there, just playing their fabulous music. Yes, the Hyde Park Book Club does have books, but it also has a lot of music fans and I reckon tonight would be like the rest of their tour – SOLD OUT!


So, what of the music, well before we get to Pip Blom, an honourable mention must go to Haze. Hailing from the home counties and driven around by the bass player’s Grandad (splendid chap – I met him at the front of the stage) they are supporting PB on the first half of their tour. The guys from Haze are quite eclectic. Much of the band seem quite straight forward, whereas the afore mentioned bass player, well… if you think Ian Curtis plus Wilko (DF days) and a little bit of Iggy you are on the right track. The music they play is great and they have the audience moving early on in their set and they don’t stop.



But what of Pip Blom I hear you cry, well, this is your reviewers second time of seeing this great outfit from Amsterdam, the first being as support to The Breeders on their recent tour and if I may borrow the words of my esteemed colleague Simon Saynor, they really do out-Breeder The Breeders. Their frenetic guitar riffs and the extreme energy of their “flame haired” (well it’s red) drummer Gini Cameron lay down a base for the serious rawk coming from Pip Blom herself. Tie that in with a thumping bass from Casper Van Der Lans and another guitarist – the fantastically named Tender Blom, who is equally frenetic, and you have just the perfect mix. Well at least that’s what the Hyde Park Book Club think tonight.



Pip Blom may be a person (she is, she is the lead singer) but the this doesn’t mean the rest of the band are just a backing band. They are much more than that and they really show how important they are to the overall effect by playing it big style.

I don’t think there is much more I can say about this band other than catch them live or as a minimum grab their latest recorded offering ‘Paycheck’ it’s really good, but not perhaps as good as seeing them at a Hipster paradise in Leeds on a wet Wednesday.



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