Paul Chowdhry + Julian Deane @ Dudley Town Hall – 13 October 2017

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Review by Zyllah Moranne-Brown

The Borough Halls across Dudley continue with their excellent comedy line -up and tonight at Dudley Town Hall it’s Paul Chowdhry ‘Live Innit’ and once again tonight’s gig is sold out with a 1,000 punters taking to their seats to be wittily entertained.


Julian Deane is tonight’s support – this quick-witted Londoner with that  that in your face, twisted and beyond the pale comedy that Russell Brand has been noticeable for. His twenty minute set sets the crowd off with a raw of laughter and gets the atmosphere going for the main man. You can catch him with Chowdhry on the rest of his tour.

Paul Chowdhry is a busy man. An extensive 100 date tour in 2015, plus numerous TV appearances, this new tour of his runs through right til June 2018. And he brings in a diverse audience – once playing festivals and gigs to a predominantly white audience, tonight’s gigs is noticeable for the diverse audience… A polite voice over introduction, interjected with not so upbeat comments, announces his presence on stage.

Chowdhry’s set is his take on the world as an Asian man, the way the world looks today, the quirks and weirdness of not only Asian culture, and the various communities and traits there, but of all communities.  And his show indeed, is in, he tells us, 5-6 different languages plus British dialects, as he takes an observational view on a range of subjects. Selecting audience and placing a stereo-typical viewpoint on each person, that may be the media view, but we all know that’s not true. His intelligent wit keeps us laughing, and the subject as the hard ones. Yes ISIS. And yes Crimewatch (he’s a ‘criminal’ you know innit’).  And he brought Dave (comedy channel) back from the dead.
A social media take as he rips into those that send him abusive messages. And that’s just the tip of his hour and a half show.

Chowdhry is an intelligent and very funny comedian, with a twist, he takes a witty view on different cultures, and yes identifies the best and worst in each one. But all in all, as he relates, it’s not the differences, the cultures, the perceptions, but people that makes us all human.

His tour will no doubt visit a location near you. If you missed out in the Black Country he’ll be back with again in Dudley Town Hall  on Fri 23 Feb.

Dudley Borough Halls (Dudley Stourbridge and Halesowen) have a rich list of comedy and so much more coming up.  Look out for Matt Forde, Lee Nelson, Jethro, Jason Manford, David Baddeil and Joe Lycett… Find out more by visiting and keep up on the latest news on social media – follow them on Facebook and Twitter @boroughhalls.

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