Passenger @ Birmingham O2 Academy, 29th November 2016

Posted by Gig Junkies on Tuesday Nov 29, 2016 Under Folk rock, Indie

Gig Review and Photography by Hollie Turner

Previous Brighton busker Michael Rosenberg, better known as Passenger, humbly graced the O2 Academy in Birmingham Tuesday night accompanied by his usual guitar and backed by a new live band.


He has previously opened for the likes of Ed Sheeran, whose audiences helped him to gain recognition and popularity for his music.



He opens his 16 song set list with ‘Somebody’s Love’ taken from his latest 2016 release ‘Young As The Morning, Old as The Sea’. Passenger bounds onto the stage in excitement to see the crowd and encourages them to sing and shout.

His acoustic melodies are sewn together with detailed and metaphoric lyrics that make Passenger such a sweet sound to hear.



He tells of beautiful stories that authors write novels about, of people he has met and their journeys through life and how he has translated them into songs.

The audience then listens more intently with focus to the words that he then sings and plays. It makes him seem wise beyond his years.


He sings a song called ‘I Hate’ to which he introduces telling the crowd that he’d enjoy it if they joined him in his ‘hating’, a song about the things in life that he hates, from ignorance to racism. The crowd shouts along and timely laugh at his witty lyrics.


He goes on to mention the ‘hype and bullshit’ of social media for a song taken from his new album called ‘Everything.’ He talks of how the song was inspired by everybody caring about the competition of how many followers you have and this and that, but that we all know that it’s all really just bullshit to make everyone feel inferior about their lives. He has a point.


His biggest record to date and previous number one ‘Let Her Go’ from ‘All The Little Lights’ released in 2012 gets the biggest response from the crowd, who scream as soon as he starts playing the first chords.

He tells Birmingham that he’s heard crowds sing this song over and over, but that they were the best crowd by far that he’s ever listened to singing it back to him.



Passenger was very lovely, thanking the crowd several times and telling them how great and reciprocating they were.

He sang a great mix of songs from his past three albums with an abundance of enthusiasm and comedy that encouraged you to only like him just that little bit more.

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