Paramore @ The NIA, Birmingham, UK – 11 December 2009

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“Wow! This is the biggest show we’ve ever played!’’ said the 20-year-old Hayley Williams as she looked out at the 13,000 strong fans. Many of the front row had queued for hours and a few even camped over-night to be close to their idols. Paramore from Franklin, Tennessee formed in 2004, and with two songs on the massive Hollywood hit film ‘Twilight’, even being nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist in 2008 proved the reason why they have such a growing popularity on stage at the NIA in Birmingham on the 11th December 2009.

The intro was enough to send many a fan into a screaming frenzy, it was the perfect start to what was a 70 minute set of songs from all their albums with fans knowing all the words, even to the new songs from the number 1 album ‘Brand New Eyes’ which went gold after its release in September 2009.

After the Intro they went into ‘Ignorance’ the first song taken off their new album. Singer Hayley jumped around on stage as Josh Farro, Taylor York, Jeremy Davis played the guitar and Zac Farro playing the drums, their love of touring showing.

With each song being played their stage presence grew. Hayley was jumping around the stage, but even with all this, her vocals never suffered. She is a woman who was born to sing on stage. Their transition from song to song is effortless and easy. While they change songs Hayley speaks to the crowd and it shows how much they appreciate all their fans. You can see how shocked they are at the level of support each time they go on stage as it was only last year they where only dreaming of selling out arena tours in the UK.

The ballad ‘The Only Exception’ from Brand New Eyes album really proves to everyone the power of Hayley’s voice. The crowd sing the lyrics and holding of lights in the air just goes to show what a hit their new album is. You then go from the soft ballad ‘The Only Exception’ into the beginning of ‘Pressure’, the crowd go from standing still to jumping around. Even the fans in the seats are all standing up which Hayley explains, she isn’t used to having people sitting all the way around them, “This is a new experience for us, we never have people seating at the sides. Hello everyone over there”. During the last chorus of the song you have the legendary pressure flip performed by Jeremy where he flips over Josh this is always a crowd pleaser with people taking pictures and recording it.

As ‘Paramore’ go into their well known song ‘Decode’, the singing from the crowd seems to double. This song for many is the reason they heard about and love ‘Paramore’. The louder the crowd get the more you see Josh, Taylor and Jeremy jump about. They literally make playing the guitar look easy. ‘Decode’ will always be a firm favourite with many fans.

After ‘Decode’ the band leave the stage. As soon as they leave, the crowd start chanting their name and clapping for them to come back. After 5 mins they come back, Hayley wearing a top that a fan must of given her that said ‘Birmingham loves Paramore’. She asked the crowd “Who wants to hear some more?” As she sits on a box on stage, the rest of the band come on to do the acoustic song ‘Misguided Ghosts’. After ‘Misguided Ghosts’ they went straight into their massive fan favourite ‘Misery Business’ with Hayley telling the crowd “You know what’s going on”, as the song kicks into life. The band jump around going to Zac on drums as he really belts out ‘Misery Business’. The crowd know every word and both the standing and seated fans are jumping around enjoying themselves
Before the final song ‘Brick By Boring Brick,’ Hayley thanks everyone for turning up and tells everyone “This is a good tour guys, this is so much fun, thanks for being hear and guess what? we will be back, see you next time” which draws the biggest cheer of the night!. As ‘Brick By Boring Brick’ gets to the end of the song the support acts join them on stage.

‘Paramore’ are a band who suit touring, Hayley’s strong vocals makes the live show brilliant, their chemistry as a band means everything is fun. On stage you see them laughing and joking and it shows how much they appreciate their fans, as at one point Hayley even goes as far as saying how the fans “are family”. Their fans make the night fun with people in the standing area, dancing around enjoying themselves. ‘Paramore’ are a band who loves their fans just as much as the fans love them and their music.

Words by Samantha Haworth

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    If you like Paramore, You’ll like Tonight Alive & They’re playing in Birmingham on October 6th. :) Tickets at . It’s gonna be sweeeet

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