The last time I visited the Nottingham Ice Rink, or as it is now called the Trent FM Arena, I spent 3 hours sat in a cafe outside. whilst GJ top dog was inside photographing and reviewing one Miss Lilly Allen. Why? I could embellish and claim that I was some devoted hubby who chaperoned his misses everywhere, but the truth of it was only one of us had been added to the guest list. Tremendous. It was cold, the bar was closed, my beard was too long, and quite frankly it was a poor showing.


Thankfully, there was no such ticketing mishap this time and we sauntered in like Lord and Lady Muck to take our seats smack bang on the side of the stage to await the pontifications of Miss Hayley Williams and her cohorts. Splendid.

Support came in the form of Atlanta Georgia’s latest breed of rock rappers B.o.B. I’ve got a soft spot for all things Atlanta – from Chipper Jones of the Braves to the Nacho Stop at theme park Six Flags over Georgia. Big love goes out to the Atlanta massive… Anyway, I digress.


Unfortunately, and some what bizarrely, we weren’t granted a photo pass for the support act so you’ll just have to take my word for it. To be honest this was a real shame as there was a multitude of band members, backing vocalists and dancers aside ‘Bob’ and thus it made a great pictorial spectacle.


This frustration is somewhat compounded, as the image, was better than the sound for the most part. This isn’t a slur on B.o.B, – far from it he’s a really impressive entertainer – but more so the sound man, who was having an absolute western. It was tinny, way too loud (could be my age!) and there was feedback a plenty.


Despite this B.o.B ploughed on regardless to the delight of the predominantly young female crowd (go figure!). Synchronised arm waving ensued. During his set, he played all of his hits, broke the mic on several occasions, played guitar, produced an awesome cover version of MGMT’s ‘Kids’ and generally had an absolute blast. Then came the predictable – but hugely appreciated – finale. Enter Miss Williams for the rendition of Aeroplanes, followed by big hugs with the co-vocalists.


Paramore came onto the stage to the high-pitched chants of “Paramore, Paramore”. The curtains dropped, music blasted in and ‘BOOM’. Lot’s of happy kiddy-winks.


What instantly becomes apparent when watching the Nashville pop/punk out fit is that their whirling dervish of a diminutive lead singer has got one hell of a voice. She’s also got more energy than a box of frogs. She simply oozes the stuff. Needless to say the crowd went bonkers as Hayley, together with her shocking pink syrup, belted out hit ‘Ignorance’. A great opener.

Comically, she fell over during the first song. Undeterred she carried on singing like a true pro. You know what. It worked!
Following a swig of water (and a good old fashioned rock star spit) the band powered their way through the first portion of the set. Global head-banging ensued – orchestrated by the microphone wielding songstress.


“Sometimes we like to play other peoples songs acoustically” stated the confident Williams as her and ex flame Josh took five from rocking out and took their seats on a settee armed with nothing more than an acoustic guitar. “Coming from Nashville we love to play country music” and that they did with a delightful rendition of Loretta Lynn’s ‘You ain’t woman enough (to take my man)’. If there was any question about the vocal talent of the gifted young singer then these were instantly quashed as she beautifully warbled her way through the country classic.


After a few more vocal treats – including a lovely version of ‘Misguided Ghosts’ – it was back to ‘rock’ which obviously led to loads of boys in the self assembled mosh pit whipping off their tops and throwing one another around with gay abandon. Bless.


‘Brick by boring Brick’, ‘CrushCrushCrush’ and made recognisable by Twilight fame ‘Decode’ all whipped the crowd into an absolute frenzy before the band drew and end to proceedings with glorious love song ‘The Only Exception’.

They made their way back to the stage for a high octane encore, and customary in the realms of Sherwood, the bass player donning a Robin Hood hat, much to the delight of the partizan crowd.

A great night watching great artists. Ten ten. Over and out.

Gig Review by Zak Edwards
Live Music Photography by Bianca Barrett

6 Responses to “Paramore + B.o.B @ Trent FM Arena, Nottingham, UK – 8 November 2010”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Lovely crisp clean edges there Bianca, so wonderful!

    Adore the 4th photo down in the blue hue; so good!


  2. Carl S Says:

    Saw Paramore at the O2 last night. Full of energy! Agree that the sound for B.o.B’s set was appalling, way too bassy. Was only glad the sound for Paramore was spot on!

  3. michelle Says:

    The 4th shot and last shot of Hayley are amazing, wicked shots.


  4. heather Says:

    PARAMORE RULE :) I was there that night it was soooooooooooooooo awsome!!! :)

  5. heather Says:

    only thing was b.o.b’s part in it was waaaay 2 bassy :) :) it was kwl tho

  6. hpsauce Says:

    Paramore r amazin live 😀 😀

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