A crystal clear sound-mix together with the subtle, economic musicianship of the ukulele/mandolin and stand-up bass ensemble allowed the goldielocked Ms. Petit to weave her vocal enchantments (and ukulele) to great effect. Lilting twee-free romanticism drawing on many cultured Folk traditions had the freshness and vigor of a cascading Appalachian mountain stream. Reminders of Mary Coughlan’s punchy wit underscored by breathy timing and minor key shifts perhaps? Kate McGarrigle and Mary Margaret O’Hara even more so. What’s not to like? Exquisitely honest music. No surprise then for the frisky hay-ride jig encore, ‘Marry Me.’ Sadly for us blokes the invitation had to remain more honoured in the breech than the observance.


Canadian, Old Man Luedecke (quite young actually) is a trusty pick and strum, foot-stomping trad-banjo troubadour who bears an honest heart on his lumberjack shirt-sleeve. In a disarming box-car hobo spiritual and wood smokey Roots n’ Folk sort of way – his skewered, anecdotal takes on everyday vicissitudes, and how the banal can become bizarre, often turn lyrically surreal. Picture fog-bound surfers off the a Nova Scotian beach becoming gorrilas anyone! Admittedly, the jug of moonshine helped. ‘ There was never a song I couldn’t sing my way out of, he proudly, well, sings! As well he needs to having segued from an account of eating Virgin Trains bacon-rolls to the merits of keeping a mobile phone moisture free in a bag of rice. How those long Canadian Winter nights must fly by.


It has to be said that his wry I-Spy vignettes on Life’s anomalies and homespun homilies become kitsch close to a Waltons’ family fireside doze at times. Then again why not have a slug of moose-juice, rest your feet on the dog and drift away. What is certain is that his sincerity and poetic singularity can’t fail to charm.


Again, big hugs to World Unlimited for their perseverance and dedication in bring bringing World Music acts to the Hare and there abouts. (It certainly can’t be for the money.)

Gig Review by John Kennedy
Gig Photos by Ian Dunn

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