Nile Rodgers & CHIC at The O2, London, UK – 19th December 2018

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Review by Chadwick Jackson with Photography by Cath Dupuy

There is so much to be said for the power of music and its ability to bring people together and break down barriers, and tonight I can say that I saw one of the greatest ever living musician in the presences of Nile Rodgers and the iconic catalogue of music he has arranged, produced, written and co-written.


An evergreen talent who constantly finds new ways to reinvent himself to maintain popular appeal to audiences throughout the years. At the ripe age of 66, Mr Rodgers belts out classic numbers that has been sampled many times over. A packed out O2 Arena belted back to one of music’s living icons his own songs, that we have celebrated to, danced to and rejoiced to. Disco in it prime was about a celebration of style, charisma and an individual creative identity, all that Nile and the CHIC collective was giving us in abundance on this bitterly cold night, every single track of the set garnered a loud cheer from the crowd, as the carnival atmosphere trickled into the night, you cannot help but wonder how a man who is a master of his craft in Nile, manages to remain so loved and cherished by the music industry and music fans alike.



Nile would punctate each set with an anecdotal stories of life and how each song was written, a major element of his success and an evident source of a lot of his grief is the loss of his ‘Right Hand Man’ Bernard Edwards, a friend, a collaborator and a fellow musician. We were treated to extended versions of Thinking Of You, Lost In Music and a stunning stripped back version of the worldwide number one sensation Get Lucky which featured Pharrell and Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers makes what can only be described as music to move to, you just want to feel good and have a good time, music is rarely made in this capacity anymore, music that translates better live than when it is heard through a speaker.



In the wind down of the gig, Nile, like the true gentleman he presents himself to be, ushers the audience around his bandmates one by one, all of whom were met with applause, while his drummer proceeds to reel off his CV.



Nile has worked with absolutely everyone, across genres, across the decades, he has pretty much collected every accolade under the sun in popular music, but the most staggering fact on the night was the fact that as a Musician, Songwriter, Producer and Arranger Nile Rodgers musical contribution has translated into 500 Million copies of album sold. It was with that in mind, I felt that what I attended tonight was far more than a concert, it was a time lapse of popular music, a celebration of one man’s infectious personality and his commitment to his craft, Nile Rodgers is an icon of this era, and will certainly be heralded as one of the greatest musicians to have ever entertained us. Always reinventing himself, always with a pulse on popular culture, always mentoring emerging talent hence why he always knows what the youth of today are up to. Nile Rodgers I salute you and long may your reign at the helm of musical excellence continue.



See the full photoset from tonight’s gig here.

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