Gig review by Zak Edwards / Gig Photos by Bianca Barrett

Nerina Pallot

The Glee Club Birmingham is one of the UK’s premier hot spots for both recognised and emerging comedy talents from the World over. Sunday night however is all about the music, but whether taking inspiration from the venue or more likely she is genuinely really humorous (I think it’s the later) Nerina Pallot seemed equally as happy on stage delivering well timed intelligent quip and joke alike as she did delivering her splendid repertoire of gorgeous songs. If she wasn’t such a splendid musician, it is apparent she’d be on stage in some guise.

Nerina Pallot

Miss Pallot made her way to the stage dressed not dissimilarly to Dorothy of Wizard of Oz fame – bright red shoes toboot – instantly removed as she sat down at the piano – with the obligatory Glass of Rosé – decadent.

Having not heard a great deal of the songstress, what instantly struck me was the hauntingly beautiful voice that came out of the diminutive singer and how she was such a naturally accomplished pianist.

Nerina Pallot

Like a milder, but perhaps more impressive version of Tori Amos, she kicked off proceedings with 3 lovely numbers in quick fire succession on the piano including ‘Idaho’ beautifully delivered musically combined with silky smooth vocal.

“Hello Brum – you look beautiful” greeted the instantly likeable singer and it has to be said the sentiment was evidently reciprocated by the partisan audience. “Let’s face it” continued the singer in her lengthy opening preamble “crotch-less knickers aren’t very practical. Why not do as the Scots do and go commando?” Comical!

Switching to the guitar she announced that this was the final night of her ‘Lonely Valentines tour’ and then promptly burst into tears as she sang the opening verse of a song written about her little one who she “missed terribly”, another tick in the endearing features column.

Nerina Pallot

Admitting her frailties as a guitar player, whilst at the same time as praising the skill of producer and guitarist Bernard Butler she introduced and delivered the beautiful ‘Everybody’s Gone to War’, a truly lovely song quickly followed by ‘Turn me on Again’. Splendid! Then it was back to the piano for an amazing mash up of Joy Divisions ‘ Love Will Tear us Apart’ together with her own ‘Love Always Learns on its Own’, which quite frankly was both magical and mesmerising.

Aptly, her last song was another cover version, this time a stripped back version of CeCe Penistons Finally impeccably delivered.

And there concluded one of those rare gigs where you get to witness a true gem in every way, musically, personally and vocally.

Nerina Pallot

Prior to the singer songwriter, support came in the guise of softly spoken, but oh so cheeky Samuel Taylor. Armed with his acoustic guitar and trusty mouth organ he treated the audience (it was way too civilised to call it a crowd) to one picky folk number after another which was well received by the Brummie crowd, one to keep an eye on for sure

Samuel Taylor

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