Gig Review by Zak Edwards with Photography by Bianca Barrett

As a patriotic Brummie I don’t tend to venture too deeply into the unchartered town centre of ‘Cov’ as it’s affectionally called by the locals, because well, they pretty much don’t like us! The lure of a certain Mr Miles Kane however was too strong. So, with geographical allegiances firmly put aside for the evening and disguise well and truly ‘donned’ it was all systems go with a short trip along the Coventry Road!


It was the unique surround of the Kasbah, that greeted us and and Mr Kane on the 3rd night of his current tour and, as the name suggests it’s like walking into a venue modelled on a Moroccan riad.

Kicking things off at a respectable 8.30pm, at a venue which let’s be honest, is way too intimate for such an accomplished performer (not that any of the excited members of the audience were complaining) we were treated to one of the pre-gig sets ever – featuring greats from the Bee Gees, Ian Brown and Brummie legends Slade – without so much as a murmur of dissent from the local populace. Maybe they are warming to us?



The opening 3 songs were enough to knock anyone’s socks off and by golly they certainly did that to the excitable crowd! Delectable versions of ‘Loaded’, ‘Inhaler’ and ‘Taking Over’ were gleefully lapped up. Talk about ramping it up from the very off!

“Coventry. How the f**k are you?, It feels good to be back” professed the Liverpudlian as he introduced the first of his new tunes ‘Cry on My Guitar’ to the more than appreciative crowd. A foot stomping, Marc Bolan-esq riff laden tune that had more than one or two heads nodding in approval.



Comprising 50% of the ‘Last Shadow Puppets’, a mere 16% of his pet project – Beatles covers Supergroup ‘Dr Peppers Jaded Hearts Club Band’, but 100% Miles Kane, the front man possesses all of the necessary attributes of the great predecessors of yesteryear. From the showmanship of Morrison, the musicianship Page and pure swagger of Gallagher he really is the full package and the more the gig went on, the more amazed I (along with a large percentage of the crowd) became baffled at the fact that, he’s not selling out much bigger venues – especially when singer/songwriters, with an ounce of his talent and charisma are.



Good old fashioned rock tunes like ‘Rearrange’ and ‘Better Than That’ were interspersed with million mile an hour, rocket fuelled newbies like ‘Too Little Too Late’ a song which signalled a good old fashioned circle come mosh pit to take full effect.

‘Cold Light of Day’ and ‘Coup de Grace’ from his upcoming album of the same name finished off the set with the later combining rock aggression and psychedelic pomp together with a disco vibe. Then there was just time for peoples favourite ‘Come Closer’ coupled with some Miles Kane a Cappella and then that was that. 500 very happy, very sweat Mods who had been treated to a very special night of musical entertainment leaving Coventry’s little ode to North Africa with massive smiles on their faces.


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