After coming on fairly early into the night to a half empty room Anterior started the show with some very fast heavy riffs. The Metal Blade warriors come back for their second time on the Metal Hammer Razor Blade Tour after previously supporting The Rotted on it some years back, after a sub par set which never really caught the fans attention playing some of their more favoured songs, Anterior try to get the crowd going but with no persistence they carried on with a lack lustred performance which for me personally could have been a lot better after seeing them on previous occasions.

While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps came on all guns blazing leaving the room ripped side to side with people moshing even before the first chord had been rung, vocalist Lawrence started the set off by stage diving into a packed out room singing in the crowd into peoples faces, the fans went mental opening the room out of its capacity to mosh to the soft ambience WSS had to offer, sadly enough the band only had a short set but the fans loved it singing back at the band who made a whole load of new fans on a bill they really did not suite at all playing tracks from The North Stands For Nothing with lots of heavy breakdowns and two step riffs these are going to be a band to watch in 2011.

Bleed From Within
Bleed From Within
Bleed From Within
Bleed From Within

Next up was Scottish heavyweights Bleed From Within fresh from their European tour with All That Remains & Soilwork. Playing a lot of their new material at first the crowd were going wild with circle pits and lots of crowd surfing taking places with vocalist Scott Kennedy getting right in with the crowd passing the microphone out to singing fans who were loving every second of this amazing performance by the band. After playing tracks from Empire & Humanity their set ends with Scott throwing himself front flipping into the crowd landing on everyone in sight to massive applause.


Before Sylosis even got started a lot of the crowd were starting to leave sadly enough but this didn’t affect Sylosis who I’d not seen since vocalist Jamie left the band, now as a four piece they came on in style playing back to back singles and of previous records “Conclusion Of An Age” and The Supreme Oppressor, the half reduced crowd went insane opening the entire room into one massive circle pit, with heavy riffs and solos were intense, Sylosis gave some cheap plugs as it were to their new record “Edge of the Earth” with a realisation that they have found and sticking with their own sound. The only downside would be the lack of crowd interaction with a vocalist on guitar it’s safe to say the band are not as in your face as they once were compared to the previous acts who in honesty out played on par with them on the night but in terms of crowd interaction and fan enjoyment While She Sleeps & Bleed From Within shined through proving to be the next generation and push into the underground metal scene.

Metal Hammer Razor Tour Review by Kieran Murphy
Metal Hammer Razor Tour Photography by Gobinder JhittaEmail Gobinder

4 Responses to “Metal Hammer Razor Tour with Sylosis + Bleed From Within + While She Sleeps @ The HMV Institute, Birmingham, UK – 19 February 2011”

  1. Bianca Says:

    Cor-blimey… These photos are ACE! Well done Gobi :)

  2. Lara Says:

    Awesome pics guys!! WSS are deffo ones to watch for 2011 – totally love them! Amazing all round x

  3. Gobinder Says:

    Cheers very much guys!

  4. What the fuck Says:

    Fucking disgusted at the thought of people going to a Sylosis headline tour just to see trendy kerrang bands which are almost musically inept in comparison and leaving before Sylosis even come on.

    Fuck right off quite frankly, people are literally lacking iQ so much these days. Literally can’t process the musical ability of Sylosis.

    Josh Middleton earned himself an immediate place in metal history as one of the best musicians as all time, and Edge of The Earth is the best album of 2011 by miles. Conclusion of an Age was also one of the best debut albums in recent times

    No disrespect to the other bands either, Anterior are fairly godly. WSS really good catchy hardcore, BFW good, although fairly generic core.

    But Sylosis are once in a blue moon and set the par so fucking high peoples minds can’t process it.

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