McFly + Chapter 13 at O2 arena, London, UK – 20th November 2019

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Review + Photography by Carolyn Brown

“I know what you’re thinking, McFly just got sexier” – Dougie Poynter

McFly are back, people, and they are on fire! I’m not just referring to the pyrotechnics here, the pop-rock band made fan’s dreams come true by reuniting for an awesome ‘one night only’ gig at the O2 Arena in London on Wednesday night. The whole evening was filled with sing-your-heart-out classic tunes, such as ‘Obviously’ and ‘Star Girl’, bad jokes, “You wanna hear a joke? I’m a professional musician!” (by Dougie) and catchy new songs. It was everything you would want from McFly.


The stage was set up with a giant walkway looping all the way around the VIP ‘OMFG’ zone which essentially encased the ‘mega fans’ at the front. It was this walkway in which the band emerged from to the screaming welcome of the crowd in the packed out venue. A giant ‘M’ made up of screens acted as the backdrop to the performance. It emulated something of a superhero logo, mirroring their playful personalities. Tom, Dougie, Harry and Danny utilised full use of the stage as they ran loops around it for the whole show. There was split kicks from Tom, lots of lunging and even crawling from Dougie at one point. These guys were full of energy and it emulated out into the music which was loud and unapologetic.

The show was interesting as it was mainly a nostalgic throwback to the noughties (can you believe 5 Colours in Her Hair was released in nearly 16 years ago?!) but it was also a chance for the band to perform ‘Lost Songs’ from their latest album that bought to life songs they had written and recorded throughout their career history but previously remained unheard. The ‘new’ songs felt fresh and new for fans, but were a chance for the boys to almost pick up where the left off; it’s been 10 years since they released their last studio album Above the Noise. The song ‘We Were Only Kids’ was performed live for the first time that night. The old songs didn’t feel outdated but I actually thought they were performed even better this time round then when I went to see them a few years ago. The classic hits also included, ‘Room on the 3rd Floor’, ‘Ultraviolet’ and ‘All About You’.



Some highlights from the show include:

The bands’ cover of Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ – Dougie requested for only the lights of audience phones to be used as the stage lights went out – “it’s a one off show so there wasn’t much budget for production… anything we did have we spent on this giant ‘M’. So the next song will have to be played in the dark” he declares.

Tom getting soppy as he addresses the crowd thanking them for their support – “There was a time when we thought this wouldn’t happen again, so it’s amazing to be here tonight… we’re home”. This lead into a heartfelt acoustic medley of songs with Danny that featured beautiful harmonies in a mix of well-known and B track songs.



Tom on the pink ukulele singing Love is Easy. What a cutie!

“The next song is about anal… probes” cheeky Dougie introduces ‘Star Girl’ which also features the bands’ accompanying brass quartet being carried around the stage by aliens.

As well as being funny and light-hearted, it was easy to sense a wave of emotion in the air. The guys first got together over 17 years ago, but over the past few years have been splitting off into different career paths during a lengthy hiatus. Tom has been writing children’s books, Dougie has been acting, Harry appeared on and won Strictly Come Dancing and Danny has been judging The Voice Kids. It was clearly a much needed friendship reunion as well as musical one.



Overall summary of the show is that it was flippin’ awesome and full of fun. All four band members seemed so confident it was hard to believe the initial angst they expressed about putting on the one-off show. Danny says “we were nervous about putting the show on sale but the reaction was amazing. It means we can do more shows, hang out more, and shower together?!” It looks like they will be doing just that, as they have recently announced a UK tour starting in April next year. I’ve bought my ticket and literally can’t wait to go see them again!

McFly were supported by boy band, Chapter 13, made up of four talented 14 & 15 year old’s who met on the set of School of Rock in the West End. They appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and even earned themselves Amanda Holden’s ‘Golden Buzzer’. Their performance was impressive and confident; you could see the theatrical background shine through and were a fitting warm up for McFly.



Full McFly set list:
One for the Radio
That Girl
Falling in Love
Star Girl
Love is Easy
All About You
We Were Only Kids
The Guy Who Turned Her Down/No Worries/I’ve Got You/Not Alone
Touch the Rain
Don’t Stop Me Now
Room on the 3rd Floor
The Last Song

Shine a Light
5 Colours in her Hair
The Heart Never Lies



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