Review by Zyllah Moranne-Brown

Tonight we take a trip to Stourbridge Town Hall, to see one of the UK’s leading political comedians, with a take on politics past and present. Matt Forde has appeared on Mock the Week, The One Show and Question Time and many more. And as one would expect.  His show has take on a politician not even the best satirist could have made up; Donald Trump.

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Tonight’s gig is split into two sets – an half hour warm up and then the main set. It’s been a busy time for Forde, multiple appearances on TV, 2016 brought his ‘It’s My Political Party (and I’ll Cry if I Want To)’ tour, followed by UnSpun, new political comedy show for DAVE, combining topical stand-up, filmed segments with the best political comedians from around the world, and interviews with leading names from British politics. He also hosted The Sports Party, for talkSPORT radio which saw Matt interview sporting figures alongside celebrity fans.

So tonight to “Stourbridge International Arena” he starts off by saying it’s been a quiet year in politics. Not. A general election – “why?”,  Conservatives considering a vote on foxhunting (not in the best interests of  MP Liam Fox one would think?), Of Theresa May’s permanently horrified face, the DUP propping up the Government “who?” and Brexit. This part of the set he chats with the crowd. Nigel Farage came to Dudley – which gets some jokes and takes on Farage; the man. And Boris. A take on Ed Miliband, bound by an impressive impersonation, and indeed a rambling Gordon Brown. The President of the United States of America will be making an appearance in the main set – and indeed within the audience, we have a Trump fan!   Surprisingly she loves everything about Trump. Interesting….

The main set brings us Brexit (Forde declares he was a remainer). A take on the potential of Boris as PM (help!), while Ed Miliband does Radio 2 Radio Shows, with added toilets and training in death metal screams.  The tales and observational puns all have impersonations, clever takes on the basic mannerisms of each character and we laugh. No one can escape Blair, Corbyn (who will be appearing on Googlebox?), Cameron, and new Lib Dem Leader – Vince Cable, who strikes Forde as being uncannily like Churchill the Dog. “No. No. No. Ooooohhh…. yes!” UKIP – check out previous leader Paul Nuttall, besides his daft comments, the way he says “fisheries…”

And then to Trump. His impersonation is uncanny, and like all of us, he can’t believe what this new POTUS comes out with. In space of course, Trump would need a force-field, Forde quips. And aliens are gonna pay for it.

The set is over way too soon. If you like political satire, with added impersonation and Trump, Forde is out and about during November and will bring his ‘The Other Palace (The Political Party)’ to venues in London.

Dudley Borough Halls (Dudley Stourbridge and Halesowen) have a rich list of comedy and so much more coming up.  Look out for  Lee Nelson, Jethro, Jason Manford, David Baddeil, Joe Lycett and many more. Find out more by visiting and keep up on the latest news on social media – follow them on Facebook and Twitter @boroughhalls.

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