Gig Review by Lisa Brown with Photography by Lee Allen

Walking up to the Civic you can hear the bass already which means Russian Circles have just started. I have to say, I have goosebumps, I’m excited for tonight’s gig and I know it’s going to loud!

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Walking in, It’s a wall of sound, full but not deafening, it’s full of rhythm and melody. Bass that you feel in the bones and a light show that emphasises the atmosphere.

At times it feels like Russian Circles are playing a film score, taking you a journey then every now and again they kick it up a notch and the drama and never ending doom of metal comes flooding into the room. The lights are incredible, adding to their performance in a way that makes it so dramatic and beautiful in one big hit.

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Red Fang come out but unfortunately someone in charge of the lights has dropped the ball and left the house lights on. After calls from the lead singer to turn them off and they start. The crowd roars and the walls vibrate.

There’s no fancy light show, just straight up metal. Guitar solos, chugging guitar and bass. It’s dirty and all on display. After Russian circles I’m left a little disappointed but to be fair I would have easily watched Russian circles all night.

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Now onto the big boys, Mastodon. The crowd are obviously looking forward to it and there is an almighty growl as the lights dim before they’ve even hit the stage. These boys know how to make an entrance and starting with ‘The Last Baron’ means from he start of the show everyone is in unison.

They are a wall of sound, rhythm and melody that hits where you want it most. The bass reverberates in my ribs and I know it’s going to be a good show. There are no theatrics here, just four guys intent on making you feel the rhythm.

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They’re nothing spectacular to watch, every now and again bass player Troy Sanders grinds into his bass, throws his head back and lets his mane of luscious locks fall free. Attempting to put on a a display of theatrics but we aren’t here for a show we are here for the music.

After 13 minutes of ‘The Last Baron’ Mastodon head straight into ‘Sultans Curse’. From the opening notes the crowd cheers loudly, I am suddenly surrounded by all the hair.

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Bathed in red light the crowd sing along, fists raised and hair swaying. It feels good to be at show where people are here to enjoy the music rather kick the crap out of each other.

With each song the crowd cheers louder and we are treated to a career spanning setlist including ‘motherpuncher’ off their first album through to tracks like ‘Sultan’s Curse’ off of this years album ‘Emperor of Sand’. This is a crowd pleasing setlist and guitar solos that seem to stop the crowd in their tracks, these guys know how to put on a show.

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They end with ‘Blood and Thunder’ off of the second album ‘Leviathan’ and it’s beautiful, well only if you can call Mastodon beautiful. It is by far one of my favourite tracks and it’s a satisfying end to their show.

See the full photoset of Mastodon and Red Fang from tonight’s gig on Flickr.

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