Review and photography by Noradila Nordin.

Maddie & Tae are a country music singer-songwriter duo, Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye from the US. They met when they were still teenagers and been together since. They had their first break through, reaching number 1 on the country charts with their debut single, “Girl In A Country Song”. Their success continued with the released of their debut album “Start Here”, reaching number 7 on the Billboard Top 200 and number 2 on the country charts. KOKO London was packed with fans even on a Thursday, to see the duo performing their hit songs.


The supporting act was by Frankie Davies, a country music singer-songwriter from Cornwall. She was welcomed by the crowd with loud cheers and they sang along to her songs, enjoying her performance.



Maddie and Tae came onto the stage at around 9pm, with their acoustic guitar, supported by a band. They started the concert with “Your Side Of Town” and the fans were singing along, word by word.

They were amazed by the number of fans who came to the full packed KOKO to see them performing many of their hits. It was interesting to see a mixture in the crowd, where the fans were between the age of 20s to 50s. Maddie said that London is one of their favourite shows to date and they loved London in general! The crowd were very supportive, singing and dancing along to the songs which were told to be quite different than the shows they usually had in the US.




Maddie and Tae announced that they are going to release a new record pretty soon which had the fans cheer in anticipation. That is something to look forward to for sure!

It is amazing how Maddie and Tae had been together for 7 years, writing and producing music which they had their inspirations from theirs and other people life experience as they were growing up. Maddie explained that “Welcome To The Club” was written when her sister had her first heartbreak, as it happened to everyone, she’s now part of the “club”.

They had everyone singing along when they sang a cover of Niall Horan “Slow Hands”. It felt as if it was their song, befitting with their melodic voices which also suit pop, other than country pop genre. Amazing cover!



Before ending their encore, Maddie and Tae thanked the crowd for coming and supporting them; saying that if they were to tell their 16 years old self back then that they’d be here performing and having their tunes on the radio, they would not be able to believe it. They ended the concert with their third single, “Shut Up and Fish”.

Overall, it was a great show. Maddie and Tae were great on stage singing their hits and the crowd really loved them; singing and waving their hands to the songs. A really well spent Thursday night for sure!

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Your Side of Town
Right Here Right Now
Waiting On A Plane / One Headlight (The Wallflowers cover)
We’re Gonna Get There
No Place Like You
Why You Lookin’ At Me
Welcome To The Club
Slow Hands (Niall Horan cover)
Downside of Growing Up
Walk In Her Heels
Fly / Fix You (Coldplay cover)
Blame It On The Tree
Just Fine
Girl In A Country Song

Somebody Will
Shut Up and Fish

Start Here [2015]

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