Gig Review and Photography by Noradila Nordin


Lower Than Atlantis finally graced London last Friday as part of their biggest UK Tour with 3 supporting acts, ROAM, Hands Like Houses and Young Guns to warm the crowd up before Lower Than Atlantis made their appearance at O2 Brixton.

The venue was already nearly filled early on as many were anticipating the supporting acts!

ROAM were on from around 7:20pm until 7:40pm and they started with a bang! Balloons were tossed all over throughout the performance! Then it was Hands Like Houses at 8:00-8:20pm, coming all the way from Australia! When it was time for Young Guns, the venue was packed! They played their songs from 8:35-9:15pm where the fans were encouraged to sing along. Gustav announced their upcoming UK tour in September to keep the fans on their toes! All the supporting acts were enthusiastically greeted with loud applause and cheers from the fans when they came onto the stage! Huge reactions! Fans had their hands up, jumping and stomping their feet, and of course lit up the O2 with their phones flashlights moving to the beat!



Hands Like Houses


Young Guns


The fans could not wait any longer for Lower Than Atlantis and chanted “LTA” for a few minutes and there they were! They were on stage from 9:45-11:00pm. They started with ‘Had Enough’ from their newest album ‘Safe in Sound’. The fans didn’t miss a beat as they sang their hearts out!


When it was ‘Work For It’, Mike taught the fans to sing the chorus, and it was absolutely a blast! Even after the song ended, the fans kept singing the chorus as Mike signaled them to keep going.


Mike then introduced the next song, ‘Words Don’t Come So Easily’ and said that the song is about heartbreak and told the fans that he understood it well and comforted the fans, saying “I feel you” to those who are and have gone through it. He also thanked the fans for coming and said that he could not believe that Lower Than Atlantis could finally perform at The O2 Academy Brixton!


Mike got the fans involved and during ‘Another Sad Song’, he asked the fans to flash their phone’s light and sing louder together. He also had all the fans sit down and jump at one of the songs. Ecstatic!


During the last song, Mike went into the crowd and they held him up, and the confetti exploded right at that moment! It looked magical! The fans clapped and cheered, fully satisfied with the concert as the band stayed for another few minutes and somehow threw the stage decor boxes (in addition to the usual picks) into the crowd before departing the stage.


Overall, Lower Than Atlantis were great, energetic, and full of fun! I’ve been to O2 Brixton once before but never yet at the standing area. The venue itself has unique decorations and the standing area has slanted floor where standing anywhere would give a good view of the stage. Lower Than Atlantis had a simple stage with an interesting background screen projecting the band from many angles that acted as the screen of the stage.


Had Enough
Ain’t No Friend
Could Be Worse
Stays The Same
Get Over It
Beech Like The Tree
Work For It
Words Don’t Come So Easily

Another Sad Song
English Kids
Here We Go


LISTENING: Safe in Sound (2017)

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