Gig Review by Hayley Clark

The nostalgic buzz of the O2 Birmingham filled the air as the couple of hundred fans gathered eager to give 90’s favourite Louise their ‘undivided love’ and attention.

Dazzling the crowd with her sparkly dress and harmonious voice, 21 year old Jerry Williams entertained the crowd. The unsigned starlet from Portsmouth treated the crowd to a self penned medley ‘I’m Not In Love With You’, ‘Babe’ and ‘Velcro’ keeping a real retrospect of modern day life with her quirky lyrics and acoustic guitar.

The message of grabbing life to the fullest impacted the audience with track ‘David At The Bar’ inspired by an alcoholic with a baby she met in a pub, who said he’d give up the drink if she wrote a song about him and putting out a plea saying she still is yet to find ‘David’ to tell him she’s wrote the song .

With the crowd warmed up nicely social media links were given to Jerry Williams Music on all platforms if fans wanted to keep in touch.

The lights dimmed in the usually chilly Institute 2, a couple behind me stood complaining of the cold whilst a 40 something year old guy on the barrier in front was giving it his all to a soundtrack of Whitney, Madonna and The Family Stone having a break now and again to tell my friend he also liked 1920s music but she was probably born eighty years too late for that, the smooth talker.

The smooth talkers didn’t stop there as to my right stood a guy eagerly awaiting the former Eternal singer with a bouquet of flowers and some A4 type cue cards he had but we couldn’t quite work out what he’d written on them?

The opening bars to 1997 hit ‘Arms Around The World’ filled the intimate stage as the 90’s teen poster girl appeared on stage to cheers on the ‘Intimate and Live’ comeback tour.

With mysterious red and blue lights filling a stage backdrop the audience were transported back to their youth as if they were back at Party in the Park where Eternal appeared on numerous occasions wowing the crowd.

Accompanied by three talented female singers and a youthful band Louise showed off the poppy choruses and soulful voice that the music industry missed when she took family time off.

She teased the audience on a rollercoaster of hits ‘Beautiful Inside’, ‘Light Of My Life’ before getting the crowd jumping keeping it mid nineties for ‘In Walked Love’.

The stylish singer dressed in a black lace top shone on the stage beaming as she belted out Eternal favourite ‘Just A Step From Heaven’ mixed with Lucy Pearl’s smash ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’.

The crowd were mesmerised as Louise slowed down things with a beautiful version of ‘One Kiss From Heaven’ before speeding it up with ‘Stay’ the crowd singing along and swaying from side to side.

There was only one way to end the short but sweet set and of course it was time to get ‘Naked’.

Louise had powered through the twelve song set list leaving the audience elated with smiles all around as she encouraged them to show off their moves if they remembered the dance routines.

Calls for more came from the audience as the encore struck up and the stunning Louise came back onto the stage.

Ending the night with the encore of ‘2 Faced’ and ‘Let’s Go Round Again’ she showed she’s fitted comfortably back in the music industry where she left fifteen years ago.

With new music coming very soon keep your eyes and ears peeled for an explosive comeback.

Arms Around The World
Beautiful Inside
Light Of My Life
Pandora Kiss
In Walked Love
Undivided Love
All That Matters
Just A Step / Don’t Mess With My Man
One Kiss From Heaven
2 Faced
Let’s Go Round Again

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