It may have been indicative of the fact that the crowd was a little younger than that which normally frequents the Glee Club, or the fact that it was a bank holiday the following day, but either way the bar was 5 deep – an omen for a good night or lots of drunken chatter? Time would tell…

She's So Rad

Due to the elongated visit to the bar, I missed the first number by the impressively named support act She’s so Rad – and arrived for their second song –  a tune which sounded reminiscent of the theme from 80’s scouse soap Brookside. Note: TV theme tunes seemed to play a prominent part in the nights proceedings. There style was hard to describe – electro rock maybe? Indie synth perhaps? Put it like this… If we were to accost the Delorean and travel back to 1989 I’d say the trio of young New Zealanders were a cross between the House of Love, the Sundays and Spaceman 3. Hopefully that’s what they are going for…

She's So Rad

Just as I was thinking they could do with changing the tempo (it was very much more of the same) they then initiated a change of direction akin to that of the film ‘Dusk till Dawn’ and completely rocked it up. A masterstroke in my opinion as they immediately offered more as a band… kinda like Sonic Youth and definitely the direction they should be heading in the future.

Following an announcement that there was a “glasses shortage” – good work students – up stepped the main event.


Ladyhawke arrived on stage with fairy lights around her mic stand, gave a quick ‘Hello’ and then launched into her first song. It instantly became apparent that the levels were totally out – the vocals were barely audible.

Next up was new song “Blue Eyes” which had a bit more of a rocky vibe – less electro, more Suzy Quatro – with thumping baselines and a repetitive melodic chorus accompanied by lead line played by the songstress.

I don’t know if was intentional or lack of confidence on the part of the singer but the but the vocal level was soooooo low that it was really hard to hear. For me this marked a real shame for the die hard fans present as ultimately it meant two things… Lots of people were talking and thus it was hard to pay attention to the performance and more alarmingly a number of people were actually leaving the gig.


After announcing that her bass player Tom hails from Brum – which was followed by the obligatory ‘Alright Tom’ and ‘Alright me babby’ she moved into ‘Black, White and Blue’ which had really nice dynamics but again the levels weren’t quite hitting the mark. Was this intentional? If so, I think it was a bad move on the part of the production.

And that was pretty much the mark of the night… A bit of a lacklustre performance from the band marred by poor sounded quality. The set was rounded off with her signature tune ‘My Delirium’ which went down well, it was just a shame the crowd weren’t treated to the full splendour of Miss Hawke.

Gig review by Zak Edwards
Gig photos by Bianca Barrett

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