Lady Leshurr @ The O2 Institute, Birmingham, UK – 2nd March 2017

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Gig Review by Hollie Turner with Photography by Sophie Jones

Melesha O’Garro, or as you’ll know her best: ‘Lady Leshurr’ bought down the house at Birmingham’s O2 Institute on Thursday night.

Lady Leshurr_26

Opening the night, were a group of street dancers that featured kids as young as six, break dancing and giving solo performances. This was something unique to see as an opening act, but something different and something really enjoyable to get the crowd engaged.

Lady Leshurr

Following the dancers was DJ Fantom. Residing from South Side Jamaica, in Queens, New York as he told the crowd, he played a mixed set of RnB hits, from the current chart to 80’s and 90’s tracks such as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune. All of which went down a storm with the crowd. Joined on stage by two other rappers, they then handed out their merch to the crowd, throwing out snap back hats and tshirts and an exclusive jacket featuring ‘forever getting cash’ on the back. At one point he even took off his new Nike Air Jordan’s from his feet and threw them to the crowd too, much to the delight of screaming fans. He ended his set off stage, shaking hands with people as he sang the last song of his set on the barrier.

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The support acts did a great job of warming up the crowd and getting them hyped ready for Queen Leshurr to take to the stage. Bringing fresh eyes to U.K grime, the 28-year-old rapper and producer took to the stage to a royal ‘God Save The Queen’ instrumental in a Nike crop top, skinny jeans, high tops and a bright red snap back.

Lady Leshurr_6

She is best known for her ‘Queen’s Speech’ freestyle pieces that you can find on YouTube. The fourth of the series of which, went viral in 2016. It currently stands with over 39 million views and Leshurr tells the crowd that it’s just paid for her mom’s new house.

Lady Leshurr_7

She introduced us to her ‘sexy dancers’ Olivia and Chloe, who did a great job of keeping the energy up behind Leshurr throughout the show. She had the dancers take a sip each of ‘her juice’ and the girls acted out the side effects that they couldn’t handle on stage, before Leshurr continued into the next track where they bought out ‘the queen’ and she appeared in a long red hooded robe with with an ‘L’ in rhinestones on the back.

Lady Leshurr_10

She then told us a story about a guy she was seeing who said he didn’t do Instagram when she asked to follow his account. She went on to tell us how she later found that he did have an account and that the first picture she saw on it, was of him kissing another girl. She asked the crowd ‘has anyone ever felt like a side chick?!’ and told them ‘I call myself a queen, not because I actually think I am one, but because we are queens, we should respect ourselves and you should never be anybody’s sidechick!’ before then going into performing ‘Queen’s Speech 1’.

Lady Leshurr_12

Next track to get the crowd shouting along ‘Mad Ting!’ was ‘Queen’s Speech 3’. Leshurr gave a shout out to ‘all the ladies wearing clean panties.’

Lady Leshurr_13

‘Queen’s Speech 5’ had the crowd shouting along to ‘your lips look like crispy bacon’ before Leshurr handed out a couple of tubes of ‘Crispy Bacon lip balm’ to some fans. Leshurr gave an inspiring speech about how ‘no matter who you are, or where you come from, or who you wanna be, if you want to be a photographer, a singer, a rapper, you can do it. I’m living proof. I come from Birmingham and I’ve done it, have no doubt that any of you can do it too!’

Lady Leshurr_14

Leshurr introduced her videographer ‘Wowa’ that was both on and off stage filming the show for her and previously shot her infamous video for ‘Queen’s Speech 4’ before they got the crowd to pose ready to partake in the ‘Mannequin Challenge’ for camera.

Lady Leshurr_16

Leshurr constantly thanked the crowd and paid tribute to her family and her mom who were all in attendance side of stage, to share and celebrate her first sold out show in her hometown.

Lady Leshurr_17

Leshurr got two fans out of the crowd up on stage, for ‘Queen’s Speech 4’ featuring toothbrushes for the lines ‘brush your teeth!’ She had both girls sing the intro to the song and let the crowd cheer for the winner, whom she gave a t-shirt to.

Lady Leshurr_20

Fans got to meet Leshurr after the show as she kindly stayed to sign autographs and take photos.

Lady Leshurr_21

This young woman from Birmingham was mischievous and witty and a lot of fun to spend the night with! She gave a performance with high energy and comedic value that packed a punch and had everyone in the venue dancing and shouting along to her lyrics in unison. Her future in music looks only set to continue on it’s rise, and deservedly so.

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