Gig Review by Chadwick Jackson


It is simply bewildering and beautiful watching something grow!

As we arrived at Anson Rooms on at briskly cold Autumn evening, my guest and I, already sold on Kwabs’ music mellow voice soul phenomenon, that has been slowly building a tidal wave of followers via social media (mainly Youtube) with his incredibly melodic sound. With Kwabs’ channel having 240k viewers and each video averaging more than that in views, it was easy to see why this intimate venue had easily met its capacity.

The last time I last witnessed Kwabs in full effect was earlier this year off the back of his well-received EP’s; Wrong or Right, Pray for Love and Walk – a sold out debut tour UK tour. Kwabs was a much more direct and engaging performer. The songs had also bloomed, bearing new arrangements and stylistic interplays, it was clear that Kwabs’s vibrant band were really enjoying them too.

Kwabs was just taking off when I first saw him in Birmingham, tonight in Bristol he was in full flight; tonight he was like an Eagle spreading his wings open and taking us on a musical journey. There were so many influences that could we could cite; Gospel, Electronica, and supremely powerful Soul. Kwabs does not shy away from using that formulaic sound found in contemporary music (pop anthem’s) but with an incredible voice that he uses as an instrument; he owns his arrangements, with an instantly recognisable voice to the most earnest of listeners. With that said we can say we were well and truly moved by tonight’s music. Whilst in the foyer I saw a poster with some of the past and previous high flyers of British music Ed Sheeran, and up and coming  Grime Punk double act Slaves just to name a few, Anson Room accommodates talent on the up. With the trajectory that this mercurial talent is currently on, it will be company his music will be living around easily. An opportunity to see Kwabs perform is not one to be missed.

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