Kings of Leon @ Hyde Park, London, UK – 22 June 2011

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Kings of Leon

This week, Kings of Leon brought the festival atmosphere to the capital. Beer in paper cups, indecisive weather and muddy pathways were all present to complete the Glastonbury-esque scene. But who needs Glastonbury when Hyde Park is much more accessible? (I’m not bitter that I didn’t get a ticket… just for the record.)

Despite the potential difficulties of an al-fresco sound system, I’m thinking Reading 2009 here, Kings of Leon performed flawlessly. Dipping into all five albums and playing fan-favourites Sex on Fire, Use Somebody and Molly’s Chambers.

The Followill boys did lack a bit of audience engagement and began their set without an introduction… But perhaps no introduction was needed? That’s just the way they do things and shouldn’t be confused with a rockstar mood swing. We were treated to a few snippets from their upcoming documentary, Talihina Sky. Drinking, puking and fighting all featured in those short two minutes.

Kings of Leon

KoL ended their silence mid-performance when Caleb paused to ask the audience to raise their glasses to “a friend of ours who’s passed away.” A sea of Tuborg cans and paper cups of cider were raised for the Jackass star, Ryan Dunn and McFearless was played in tribute. I’m not going to lie, it was moving.

The frontman seemed to loosen up after the Dunn dedication, stating in his Tennessee drawl “what a beautiful day.” And he was right, there’s something pretty special about Sex on Fire being played during a London sunset. The whole crowd erupted; everyone was singing along, dancing and spilling their beer over each other.

Kings of Leon

There were no frills or spectacle, apart from the music and a pink evening sky, until the playlist was complete when a firework show ended the performance. It was a colourful end to the impressive beginning of the Hyde Park festival season.

I was left in no doubt that Kings of Leon still deserve their place in the rock hall of fame. There was no lull in their performance as they ploughed through their setlist with experienced ease. Closing with an encore of Radioactive, Use Somebody and Black Thumbnail. Awesome.

Kings of Leon

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