It was much of a surprise when I turned up at the venue to find a crowd of all walks of life and more surprisingly ages at this gig. This band obviously attract the masses so it seems.

From the moment the doors opened, the crowds got bigger and bigger… Keane evidently have evolved over the years into a band who have an affinity with everyone. Their radio friendly tunes appealing to all has definatly proved successful for them this evening as I can only assume that ticket sales have been rewarding for them tonight…
The Helio Sequence
The very impressive support band “The Helio Sequence” kicked the gig off to such an impactive start. For a small two piece band from Oregon with 4 albums under their belt, they consist of the sentiments of a folk alternative rock singer come electric accumulation. Their performance gave such mirth to watch as it felt such a long time since a band sounded so original. In my eyes they were. It was my first experience of them and my first hearing of them. Too little too late?.. I think not.. I would have paid the fee for the ticket just to see them to be fair. I defy anyone who says this is a band that isn’t worth seeing. They gave me the feeling that there is still real music out there. Gave me some faith that it aint all dross for Heart FM. Heard once, you will want to go back for more. The crowd really got into them and fired them up for Keane to come on stage.
It was 2004 when I last saw Keane live. This time round, the venue was triple the size. They took the stage after the crowd pleaded for them to appear, taking the stage almost as if they were adorned by their worshippers down below. This almost felt somewhat contrived however this pleased the multi aged, multi classed crowd of fans.
Tom Chaplin, took centre stage, looking leaner and somewhat dressed circa Tony Hadley-esque kicked straight into “Back in Time” which started the atmosphere off to already a high level. The crowd already singing along first song in which gave precedence that this was to be a succesful and ultimatly well received gig in Birmingham for them.
After a quick “Hello Birmingham, its great to be here” Bono style, they went straight into “Bend and Break” which however poppy you think it is, it is a likeable tune and gets even the most cycnical muso’s humming along. The crowd had their first opportunity to sing their hearts out, which they did, waving of the arms included. It was quite a reassuring sight.
The New tracks from the Night Train EP proved succesful with the crowd and was recipricated again with cheers and evident familiarity from hard earned fans.

To be fair to them, the really do know how to pull a decent gig. Like them or not, they are a band that produce tunes that everyone knows and generally likes. They are universal. They know how to get a crowd going, how to keep them enthralled and how to look after their fans by giving them a night of music that they want. In short, it was actually a really decent gig and Keane are a band that will continue to pull commodious crowds because of how they interject with their fans both lyrically and musically.
Words by Sarah McDonnell
Photography by Gobinder Jhitta

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    Amazing pictures Gohinder. A-m-a-z-i-n-g.

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    Why thank you Wayne, you gent…

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