Gig review and photography by Jeremy Carron


Katy B has been going from strength to strength! Following a tough couple of months where shows had to be cancelled (one of which was cancelled only a few nights ago on doctor’s orders), Katy B has returned to London once more to show her fans she’s back and means business! Tonight’s show takes place at The Roundhouse as part of her ‘Little Red’ Tour, an album which has been the first of Katy’s to peak at number one in the charts!


The night kicked off with support from former ‘The Voice UK’ contestant Becky Hill, building up suspense for Katy, as eager fans packed in The Roundhouse. The wait was soon over however, when Katy B took to the stage to the deafening sound of all her fans cheering.

Katy didn’t waste any time showing the crowd what she was all about, from the choreographed dance routines with her backing dancers, to getting the fans jumping on their feet, it was clear to see the night was going to be a party of epic proportions.


Starting off with ‘Hot Like Fire’, the audience were soon buzzing with energy, as Katy got the crowd to clap their hands together and dance along. The energy continued to flow with hits such as ‘5 AM’ and ‘Broken Record’, the latter of which morphed into club classic ‘Let Me Be Your Fantasy’. Katy went on to say how playing at The Roundhouse had always been a dream of hers, being a Londoner herself, which was met with thunderous applause from the fans.


Tracks such as ‘Blue Eyes’, ‘Sapphire Blue’ and ‘Play’ followed, all of which kept the crowd on their feet, dancing along. Things were slowed down a little however, when ‘Still’ was performed and the fans were given a well-earned break from the non-stop moving.

The pace soon picked up again when tracks such as ‘Sky’s The Limit’ and ‘Next Thing’ were played. The bassline in ‘Louder’ continued to keep the party atmosphere going, where Katy even got the audience singing along.


She then dedicated her next song to all the single people in the crowd with ‘Easy Please Me’, having the whole audience bouncing their arms back and forth. The outro of the song transformed into a drum and bass tune, where Katy asked the London crowd to show all the other venues she’s performed in how they do it over here, as the fans danced along to the beat, complete with a laser light show beaming from the stage.


Throughout the night it was clear to see that the London crowd’s energy resonated with Katy, as she went on to say how much her hometown had inspired her to write every single one of her songs. The reaction from the fans left no doubt as to how much they appreciated Katy playing in her hometown once more!


The pace slowed down once again when a slowed down version of ‘Everything’ was played, followed by fan favourite ‘Crying For No Reason’. Katy went on to give a shout out to everyone who had supported the song, claiming how it had done so much for her. It was plain to see from the emotions poured out into her performance, just how much the song really meant to her and was definitely a highlight of the night.


The booming bassline of ‘All My Lovin’ got the crowd bouncing once more and was followed by ‘Aaliyah’, ‘What Love Is Made Of’ and another fan favourite ‘Katy On A Mission’ bringing the main set to a close. Katy got the whole audience to sing along claiming this was the song that started her on her mission and seeing the entire crowd bouncing and jumping along was unquestionably an impressive sight.

Returning for the encore Katy performed a mix of ‘Perfect Stranger’ and ‘Emotions’, where the fans sang along once more. Gifts from fans at the front of the barriers were also handed to Katy during the performance, including a pretty impressive portrait painting of the singer herself!


Before her final song, Katy went on to say how speechless she was at the fans’ reactions to her dream show at The Roundhouse! Preceding her last song, she made one final check to make sure the fans weren’t tired yet and were actually ready for the final song, to which the crowd responded with cheers of approval! Katy dedicated ‘Lights On’ to all the 24-hour party people in the audience before putting on one final immense performance, complete with choreographed dance routines, lit mobile phones/lighters being waved in the air by the crowd and confetti blasted throughout The Roundhouse! Katy thanked the audience once more, followed by individual shout outs to all members of her band and dancers. Judging from the performance she gave throughout the night, it’s evident that Katy B is without a doubt, on the top of her game!


Hot Like Fire
5 AM
Broken Record / Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Blue Eyes
Sapphire Blue
Sky’s The Limit
Next Thing
Easy Please Me
Crying for No Reason
All My Lovin’
What Love Is Made Of
Katy On A Mission

Perfect Stranger / Emotions
Lights On

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