Kathleen Edwards

We love the Glee Club at Gig Junkies HQ – it seems the perfect venue for a Monday night gig. It’s more refined, the clientele seem little more gentry and very often you even get a seat to rest ones weary legs. Splendid!

This relaxed setting is ideal for the soothing sounds of a couple of vocally excellent ladies, both of whom hail from Canadian shores – namely Hannah Georgas and Kathleen Edwards.

Hannah Georgas

The aptly named Georgas made her way to the stage first accompanied by a single guitarist/keyboardist. Lo – key was evidently order of the day. Instantly she appealed. Her voice was beautiful, she was exquisitely clothed in smart dress and heels and she had an immediate connection with the audience.

As with our recent review of The Black Keys, we were witnessing a 2 piece that belied the brevity of their numbers with the fullness of their sound. Sure, it was more ‘folky’ and melodic than the Key’s but equally as mesmerising. Incorporating a drum machine and a keyboard, the guys went from guitar to ukulele to bass with ease, whilst maintaining the same hypnotic, pearl like feel. It was very ‘the XX’ and definitely a duo to look out for.

Kathleen Edwards

Up next – from two to six – the main event, Miss Edwards. Those of you who’ve been to the Glee Club will know it’s an intimate venue and not blessed with the world’s biggest stage, so the band – which included Miss Georgas on backing vocal – squeezed on to the stage like sardines in to a tin.

Not to be put off by this ‘tight spot’ the Canadian sextet quickly went to work where their predecessors left off to deliver their own brand of melodic, folk pop come country.

Kathleen Edwards

Admittedly it took Kathleen a little while to warm up with regards to crowd interaction (She didn’t say a word to the crowd for the first few songs) but she had no such issue with delivering great vocals to the backdrop of great songs.

Describing their sound as ‘nice driving’ music, does Kathleen and the crew a grave disservice – it’s much more than that, but it’s of that genre.

‘Soft Place to Land’, forth on the set, was the first ‘wow’ moment for me – a haunting, atmospheric number building layer upon layer with a beautiful, heartfelt lyrics. Simply wonderful.

Kathleen Edwards

‘Mint’ quickly followed which not only demonstrated a rockier, edgy side to the band, but showed their diversity. They’ve been playing since 2003 and you can see they’ve got a strong back catalogue of tunes from their 4 albums.

Having verbally toyed with one of our fellow reviewers for introducing himself before the gig and bemoaning the fact that she’d had an ill-timed pedicure in the City centre, which “played havoc with her picking”, she went solo to play what for me was the second ‘Wow’ moment of the night… ‘Hockey Skates’. If you’ve not heard this song, you need to log on to Spotify, iTunes or some other music download site of choice and listen to it. One word describes it – angelic. You could have heard a pin drop.

Kathleen Edwards

Having thoroughly bonded with her Brummy fan base, the singer songwriter reminisced with ‘Gordy’ the guitarist about the night she drank too much pink champagne and “puked everywhere” – which I’m guessing was the inspiration for the aptly titled ‘Pink Champagne’.

Versatility was definitely the byword of the night as she went from slow to fast, soft to hard with consummate ease. The Sheryl Crow-esq builder ‘Back to Me’ demonstrated this perfectly as did the last tune prior to the finale and what appeared to be fans favourite ‘Change the Sheets’.

Kathleen Edwards

An encore quickly followed and then that was it, lights on, room emptied and it was off home after what had been a thoroughly entertaining evening.

Gig Review by Zak Edwards
Gig Photography by Bianca Barrett

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