And so the bright new shiny year brings us return of THE  Archdrude; rock musician, author, antiquary, musicologist, poet and cultural commentator. What ever the description the truly unique ‘Saint’ Julian H. Cope returns with a winter tour and album ‘Trip Advisor.’

Mr. Cope has a career stretching over over thirty years; one time member of Liverpool group the Crucial Three (with Bunnyman Ian Mcculloch); lead singer of The Teardrop Explodes; solo commercial success before taking on the world in his own right in his own truly unique way. Cope has released over 20 solo albums, countless collaborations, and now we have ‘Trip Advisor’ – a collection of sixteen songs from  10 + years of the Archdrude’s musical career. The songs have mainly been culled from Cope’s past seven albums – Rome Wasn’t Burned In A Day, Citizen Cain’d, Dark Orgasm, You Gotta Problem With Me, Black Sheep, Psychedelic Revolution and Revolutionary Suicide. The anthology also includes a couple of concert favourites – ‘Conspiracist Blues’ and ‘Julian In The Underworld’ – and features a special re-recording of the Psychedelic Revolution title track.

As let us not forget, that this man of many talents, Cope is a truly successful writer, including his autobiographies ‘Head On’ and ‘Repossessed’, the German Krautrock movement in ‘Krautrocksampler’, expert on stones circles and the like: ‘The Modern Antiquarian’ and ‘The Megalithic European’ and now an acclaimed novelist with 2014’s ‘One Three One.’

A barking madman or revolutionary genius? They say there is a fine line between the two. Spoken word and uniqe performance sets him way above the rest – Julian H. Cope is a must to check out on his winter tour.

Saturday January 24th – CARDIFF – THE GLOBE
Sunday January 25th – BIRMINGHAM – THE GLEE CLUB
Sunday February 1st – BRISTOL – THE FLEECE
Thursday February 5th – LIVERPOOL – EPSTEIN THEATRE
Friday February 6th – LEEDS – THE BRUDENELL
Saturday February 7th – GLASGOW – KING TUT’S WAH WAH HUT

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