Jessie J @ The O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK – 02 April 2011

Posted by Zak Edwards on Saturday Apr 2, 2011 Under Pop, R&B/Soul, Singer/Songwriter

Jessie J

There is a good crowd mix, lots of youngsters mingling with a selection of oldies thrown in for good measure at Jessie J’s sell-out Birmingham gig. Showing that the latest singer/songwriting phenomenon J-J-J-J-J Jessie J has taken the country by storm.

What mysteries lie beneath the red curtain? The question on everyone’s lips at the O2 Academy as the crowd wait for the vocal sensation that is Jessie J. Sporadic chants of “Jessie! Jessie!” echo from the waiting gig goers amidst the relative quiet. At last… the lights dim, camera phones raise and the atmosphere rises by like a gazillion per cent in eager anticipation of Miss J’s imminent appearance. This palpable excitement cranks up several more notches as a silhouette of the gyrating Jessie appears behind the curtain. Boom! It drops to reveal the girl of the moment. A huge neon ‘Jessie J’ sign makes for a striking stage backdrop to Miss J dressed in a black asymmetric catsuit, (a stylish one arm, one leg number with gold encrusted bra embellishment) and rocking her now trademark super shiny box bob hairdo.

Not having seen Jessie J previously, two things instantly strike me. The girl has got SWAGGER in abundance and she’s got a simply AMAZING vocal and massive range! From the minute she belts out the first lyrics of ‘Momma Knows Best’ the crowd are whipped into an immediate frenzy – aided and abetted by their on stage conductor in front of them.

The sound quality is remarkably good, and she wastes no time ploughing through soon to be hits from her superb debut album ‘Who You Are’ (her album has just gone platinum you know!), culminating with an early version of ‘Do it like a Dude’. The place erupts to the obvious delight of the songstress, as she vignettes from acoustic gem to raucous romp!

Jessie wittily banters away between songs. Much like fellow artist Adele, she has an animated chirpy chatty spoken voice in contrast to the powerhouse singing voice. She’s articulate, really likeable and flits effortless from gargantuan power vocals, through to ballad like high notes at the blink of an eye.

A really nice trait that the Jessie has, is whilst being confident, she also comes across as being extremely humble. Midway through the set she asks for the house lights to come on, so that she can see the audience. She then thanks the crowd for making her first tour a sell out and gives ‘nuff respect’ to her every growing army of fans A.K.A the Heartbeats for sticking by her when others didn’t believe, she continued her thanks by dedicating the next song ‘L.O.V.E’ to the Heartbeats in the house tonight. Trust the Gig Junkies Jessie…these guys definitely believe in you.

Because of technical issues Jessie restarts ‘Who You Are’ 3 times as she can’t hear the band. Many a singer would simply have given up but not Jessie. Instead, she encourages the audience (who can hear the band) to sing along as she takes her key from them. Evidently this a special song to her, that she sang with huge amounts of passion, made all the more special by the audience participation. At the end of a perfect 3rd attempt she wipes away tears, you can see the real genuine emotion.

If you’ve not seen Jessie J, then treat yourself and catch her at one of her upcoming gigs or festivals. You won’t be disappointed. Oh and did I mention she has a magnificent singing voice?… 😉

Set list:
1. Momma Knows Best
2. Abracadabra
3. Stand Up
4. Do It Like A Dude
5. L.O.V.E
6. Big White Room
7. Who’s Laughing Now
8. Rainbow
9. Nobody’s Perfect
10. Who You Are
11. Price Tag

Jessie J Gig Review by Zak Edwards

9 Responses to “Jessie J @ The O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK – 02 April 2011”

  1. sophie culyer Says:

    I was in birmingham and it was amazing!! Jessie J is great and the stuff she has written is just the best!
    As the gig was sell out, i got my tickets of Ebay. Jessie need to play more gigs and at bigger stadiums. she is loved by all!! x

  2. Bianca Says:

    Yes, she was fab! Go Jessie J! More gigs soon please :)

    Thanks for dropping by x

  3. Naomi Says:

    I also saw Jessie in bham, she was amazing. She has so much energy and an amazing voice!!
    Excellent review.
    The atmosphere was amazing!!! I’ll defiantly be going to her second tour.
    I love who you are… And loved being able to sing along to help Jessie out!! <3

  4. Bianca Says:

    I still can’t quite get over her singing voice… Simply amazing!

    The atmosphere was cool, I loved the singing along to help her out too, a great moment :) x

  5. paul millward Says:

    As i guess im one of the oldies lol. i was fortunate enough to see jessie at the o2 in brum i had t buy my tickets through an agent and paid well lets just say well over the £12 face value price foe two tickets for my daughter and I. but wow was it worth it! ever since i first heard her amazing voice iv been hooked,I asked a friend to listen to her who had never heard of her before, and after listening to a track he said he wasn’t sure, I told him he would be tomorrow, the next day he told me he was hooked to and was going out to buy the album. this is the affect jessie j has on people and the moor you listen to her the moor you get her oh and what a lovely,honest personality she has, she,s 22 having the time of her life and bringing a fresh new sound and style to the somewhat stale music industry. WHO YOU ARE is an amazing soulful piece of work i for one carnt wait for the next collection of songs. and for all the people that dont get her lets say this ” you soon will ” regards p millward west bromwich

  6. Bianca Says:

    Yes I agree, she’s winning people over all the time. So glad to hear that you and your daughter enjoyed the gig :) thanks for dropping by x

  7. Amy Hewitt Says:

    I was there at her Birmingham gig and it was truly amazing!! she has an outstanding voice, a funny and bubbly personality, and is absolutely gorgeous!!! :) Loved Yoooou Jessie J :) xxx

  8. paul millward Says:

    my daughter and i had to get tickets for the balcony because she is 5mths pregnant, was’nt the best view but still had a great time,jessie could have done the whole gig acapella and they would have styill loved it. if i had to pick my top three right now it would be 1st who you are 2nd hmmmm abracadabra 3rd i need this.

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