Review + Photos by Frank Ralph

The premise behind Jessie J’s R.O.S.E. tour is a really clever and well executed one. 4 sets within a gig each sectioned with a title that spells out R.O.S.E. the name of her most recent album, which was released in 4 parts across four days in May of this year.


Each section is punctuated with a costume change that I’m assuming relate to rose colours. So we have the first section REALISATIONS with Jessie dressed in Black. For the second she wears a white suit with a hat, the third a big flowing red dress and the final one a gold suit.

She looks fantastic in all of them.


Each set was intro’d with Jessie speaking over the PA about her inspirations, motivations and goals for her music. She covers why she feels the way she feels, wants to create art that lasts and that makes an impression with her audience empowering them to live their best lives.

REALISATIONS included a great version of Do It Like a Dude along with an impassioned speech about not watching the whole show through your phone, engage with your surroundings and live in the moment. Pretty much every phone went into the owners pocket after that. For a while at least.



Second set OBSESSIONS began with Real Deal and Jessie bounding about the stage. It also included a speech about how she never liked herself, felt like an outcast and like she generally didn’t fit before playing a song she wrote when she was 17, Who You Are with its touching ‘It’s OK not to be OK’ chorus striking a note with everyone. The fans down the front all held up signs that read ‘We’re Proud of you Jessie’ which itself had a really nice impact.



The third set focused around SEX. It was raunchy in parts with Jessie even swapping around the set list because she could feel the sexiness in the room and wanted to respond to it. Queen was the highlight of this section of the show along with Masterpiece.



The fourth and final part of the set was EMPOWERMENT and featured the massive hit Bang Bang which amongst a great set was a highlight. Jessie’s voice was powerful and note perfect all night but on this one she especially shone.


A pop megastar, talent show judge and talent show winner she is unquestionably good at what she does. As I said her voice was exquisite all night but the vocal tricks and trills she does sets her above many others. Her truly dedicated fan base attests to that and she even jokes with people who are face timing friend who obviously couldn’t make it tonight to get them in on the action.

She’s a strong role model to every girl out there and they and I love her for it. Fierce, funny and foxy all wrapped up in one gloriously talented package.

See the complete photoset from tonight’s gig here.


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