Review by Adrian Peel

Having developed a bit of a reputation for cancelling gigs, I was a little apprehensive that the unpredictable weather conditions on Saturday may have prompted the 29-year-old singer-songwriter to ‘do an Isle of Wight’ (she was banned from the festival for life in June after cancelling her performance right before she was due on stage) and pull out at the last minute.

To the consternation of some, the gig was rather late in starting, with the announcer blaming the strong winds for the delay, but when Glynne finally did make an appearance just after 9pm, dressed in black with a big jacket and sparkly trousers, she quickly got the capacity crowd on side, instantly reminding us why she’s one of Britain’s best young talents.


The ubiquitous ‘Hold My Hand’ was the first song of the set and it was brilliant, the singer’s powerful voice – expertly backed by a four-piece band and two backing vocalists – emphatically filling the space, while pyrotechnics and fantastic lighting added to the electrifying atmosphere.

Up next was ‘Rollin”, another outstanding tune, and Glynne’s formation dancing with her two backing singers was very entertaining to watch. “Are you guys ready to have some fun?” she asked. The amount of people dancing and clearly having a good time suggested we were. Glynne later noted: “I feel like you guys are super polite, I love it!”

Seemingly aware of her reputation, the singer mentioned the strong winds and said, jokingly: “I thought I’d have to cancel tonight but I didn’t.” Ahead of the emotive ‘Thursday’, the star expressed her gratitude for her fans allowing her to “live the dream” and successfully got the audience – which stretched back as far as the eye could see – singing along on the gospel-like ‘These Days’.

Although some of the material was a little lacklustre – and the family right in front of me insisted on hoisting their children on to their shoulders at times, completely blocking my view – this was a rip-roaring gig, with ‘Rather Be’, ‘Nevermind’ and the excellent final song of the evening, ‘I’ll Be There’, further adding to the fun.

With her voice, style and stage presence, Jess Glynne is certainly a crowd-pleaser and every inch the star.

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