Her’s at The Sebright Arms, London, UK – 15th November 2017

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Review by Olivia Faye Wood with photography by Megan Levers.

Music for dreamers…The dream-pop duo Her’s, consisting of Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading-or should I say trio, with their old friend the cut-out Pierce Brosnan holding fort by the drum machine-waltzed onto the intimate stage at the Sebright Arms to the mellow sounds of Roy Orbison’s Dreams. Admittedly nervous and hot under the lights, the pair radiated a comical air, filling the packed-out room with friendly giggles and stifled guffaws.

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After the opening songs Dorothy and Marcel, which the band joked were ‘like an old married couple’, the pair were feeling the heat, with the slightly war-torn Broson, becoming adorned with more and more of the band’s attire, hats, scarves, jumpers…

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The pair, who met in Liverpool whilst studying at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, formed in 2016, releasing their debut album, Song of Her’s in May of this year. Their sound, most frequently described as dream-pop, has proved greatly popular, possessing a hazy, buoyant quality, which, when coupled with the poppy drum machine beats, results in music that you cannot help but dance to.

Her’s were supported by the charming PizzaGirl, who himself sported a pizza hat-which he claimed he’d reimburse me for if I bought one from Amazon and wore it to his next gig. Something I was all for until he revealed that I couldn’t purchase a Hawaiian one. Hugely disappointed.

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The audience at the Sebright Arms were captivated by Fitzpatrick’s and Laading’s infectious ‘sunny’ sound and disposition, bouncing along with the highly energetic performance as the duo played through the album, teasing new songs, that ‘may or may not’ ever be released. The duo’s affection for one another was irresistible, playing guitar back to back onstage, kissing the other on the forehead, all jokes and sideways glances. Fitzpatrick’s wide range and breathy vocals carried the crowd on a dream-like stream between comedy, romance and cynicism, whilst Laading, showed his customary feat of leaping around the stage, whilst somehow managing not to trip over the tangle of wires at his feet. Not ones to stick the normal way of things, the night ended with another new, slower song that left the whole room longing for more.

Though Her’s’ lyrics may brush by angst, there is no sense of seriousness to their music. It’s upbeat, nostalgic, unique and beautiful. To listen to a Her’s song is to escape into a world where the heady abandon of youth is never exhausted. It’s music for dreamers. Don’t miss out.

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