HALO at 229 The Venue, London, UK – 11th March 2018

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Review + Photography by Noradila Nordin

HALO is a 6 members Korean pop band, consists of Dino, Inhaeng, Ooon, Jaeyong, Heecheon and Yoondong. As part of their ‘Here I Am’ Europe Tour, they stopped in London on 11th March at 229 The Venue before their final stop in Bulgaria.


The venue started filling up with fans lining up at the front. Many were already queueing outside the venue as early as 3am to ensure they would be at the very front row. HALO appeared on stage right on time at 7:00pm and started their performance with ‘I’m Scared’. Fans were ecstatic! Singing, dancing and flashing their lightsticks to show their support to the members despite a lower attendance than expected.

The gig felt like an intimate fan meeting as the members took their seats after the energetic dance songs to introduce themselves and talk to the fans. They said that they are happy to be able to perform in London and would love to stay here.



They performed a mixture of slower songs and their trademark dance songs which any fans would agree, the choreography for many of them are sexy, and adorable yet playful. They performed many of their hits including ‘Here I Am’, ‘Mariya’, ‘Fever’, ‘While You’re Sleeping’ and ‘Feel So Good’.

The gig continued with a short Q&A session where fans were asked to write questions that they would like the members to answer before the gig started. When asked who is their favourite British actress, one of them mentioned Emma Watson and showed his love as a Harry Potter films fan by casting a magic spell as Hermione did in the film. They were playful and joked around which made the gig felt light and fun. They also named their favourite football teams which include Manchester United and Liverpool.



The Q&A session was done in the mixture of English and Korean. Ooon said that if he could give an advice to his younger self, he would tell him to study English so that he can communicate with the fans more fluently.

They are currently preparing for a new album, and they said that touring London is making them feeling more inspired, especially with all the support from the fans and their families to keep on pursuing music. They told the fans that they arrived in London a few hours before the concert and haven’t been sleeping. This concert was like a good dream that they don’t want to wake up from. They thanked the fans for coming and finished off the gig with two last songs during the encore before bidding goodbyes.



The gig was fun and very exciting. I found myself still humming to their songs even after the gig and I cannot wait for their new album to be released!

Listening: Here I AM (2017)



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