Gig Junkies Chat with Matt Lowell from Lo Moon

Posted by Bianca on Thursday Nov 2, 2017 Under Interviews

We sat down with super chilled Matt from up and coming LA trio Lo Moon to discuss their latest release ‘Thorns’ and how life on tour with London Grammar is. Here’s what he had to say:

GJ: What band or solo artist inspires you?

M: I’m into classic song writing; I’m a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, Paul Simon, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and that kind of morphed itself into getting into new wave/experimental bands out of here like Prefab Spat and then there’s a band called the Blue Nile, and that, i guess, the 2 worlds decided to collide and I just kind of started on a song called Loveless 5 years ago and that kind of informed I think everything that the band is about in a way.

GJ: You mean that song sort of set the tone?

M: Yeah, set the tone. And bands like Radiohead, obviously, that every band, if you want to be in an alternative band, it’s kind of like the height of it. And so, yes, it’s really weird being here [in the UK], as I feel like all my references band wise are all out of the UK, so it’s kind of amazing. It’s such a weird thing, all my favorite bands are from here.

GJ: (Jokingly) That’s good to hear, you’re Welcome!


GJ: So Is it quite nice for you to be in the UK? Have you visited the UK much before now?

M: No, last time we were here we toured with the Lemon Twigs, but we only did London, so that was with them, and then we did the rest of Europe, so we didn’t do anything in the UK besides London, so this has been amazing.

GJ: Sorry for the bad weather!

M: I like it. Because I’m from L.A, it’s nice everyday and it’s really boring. The thing with L.A is that there’s just no weather, it’s always the same. I’m from New York so I’m used to more weather. I mean London I get the same feeling as I do in New York, just like an energised feeling. In LA you don’t really get that, it’s all very laid back.

GJ: We read that the band went by the name of Stranger before you changed it to Lo Moon, what inspired the change?

M: Stranger was a different band; well Cristanta was in the band but then we had a different drummer and then i basically took the year off to start writing some more material, because we needed more material. So in that time I kind of changed things around, and I met Sam, who joined the band in that time and then it became a little bit more of a different band. The song writing became a little more developed in a way that felt like a different thing, and so I changed the name basically and I named it after my Nephew.

GJ: We also heard that The Temper Trap said that you were the new band they were most excited about, kudos! What new band are you guys keeping an eye on?

M: There’s so many, I’ve listened to so much music. I’m trying to think of the newest thing that i’ve liked and really in to. I mean Lemon Twigs are semi-new, they’re obviously doing something really special. (Goes to look at Itunes). I’m so shit with this because i’m so stuck listening to lots of classic stuff, i mean, i love the new King Craw record, but he’s not new. See like, all my new stuff is just not new. Oh and i’m really into the Alex Cameron record, I like that record a lot, I think he’s going for something really interesting.

GJ: What bands could we find if we had a look at your Spotify or iTunes?

M: Right now, because we’re in the UK, we’ve been listening to the Smiths and Oasis.

GJ: Do you like Liam Gallagher’s new album?

M: I haven’t listened to the new album but I love his like whole marketing campaign; ‘As You Were’, I think that’s like the coolest. That guy is so weird, I’m so infatuated with him, he’s amazing. But Noel is obviously the one in Oasis.

GJ: What food from America do you miss while you’re away, or what British food are you looking forward to?

M: Well we had Fish and Chips yesterday, which I love. We had fish and chips with Dot from London Grammar, he was like ‘we gotta go Fish and Chips’ so we did that, it was sweet. I’m excited for a Sunday roast next weekend. Wherever we are, I don’t remember, but we will get one. The best thing about travelling here is that the gas stations have much better options. In America it’s just total shit.

GJ: We find it weird in America how you pay for your gas before filling up and then just drive off.

M: Yeah that’s so weird, today when we filled up we thought the same things, as in it’s the opposite here.

GJ: What band would you love to tour with and why?

M: Dream tour? New band – we really are all obsessed with The War On Drugs, I think that’s our favourite new band (newish band). But Radiohead, probably supporting Radiohead would be ridiculous, although I probably wouldn’t even want to support them ever, just because urm…

GJ: Is it a you should never meet your idol type thing?

M: Yeah, I mean I was in a room with Thom Yorke and I couldn’t even say Hi to him.

GJ: It’s dangerous isn’t it?

M: Yeah, you don’t want to ruin the allure of what these guys are.

GJ: What’s one thing on your bucket list?

M: I think just right now we are just into building it one fan at a time. We try to keep our goals just really small and have things happen and still be really excited by it. It’s easy to get lost in the idea of stuff so we try to take it day by day and not getting too ahead of ourselves.

GJ Of course, and still obviously enjoying what you’re doing and the process you are going through?

M: Exactly!

GJ: Do you have a pre stage ritual?

M: Yes. We always pick a sports team from the area and do a little chant. And i’m always warming up for like an hour before sound check and then a little bit after.


GJ: Who did you pick for today

M: I don’t know. We haven’t picked it yet. We usually pick it right before. Who shall we pick?

GJ: Well, there’s Birmingham City or Aston Villa.

M: I think we will pick Aston Villa, because our manager’s actually from Birmingham and he’s got an Aston Villa tattoo.

GJ: Do you still get nervous when you perform?

M: Yeah, well depends. I don’t get nervous before in the dressing room. I get nervous when I’m up there. It’s weird because I don’t get nervous thinking about it, I get nervous when i’m up there through, like during the first couple of songs, and then if we are having a good gig the nerves go away, but if i’m fighting the whole time I get nervous.

GJ: What do you mean by fighting? Do you mean for an audience reaction?

M: Yes, or just fighting because my guitar doesn’t feel right, like everything’s just harder.

GJ: So what’s next for Lo Moon?

M: We’re going to be releasing more music and we are going to release our debut record, which we are really excited about.  Then we will probably just keep touring and touring.

GJ: How’s it been touring with London Grammar?

M: It’s been amazing. In fact this is the best tour we’ve done I think. Their fans have been so good to us. It’s been an interesting fit because it’s in the same world, and I think that’s the best thing when you’re an opening act; it’s nice to be an opening band that’s in the same world because the fans are coming from the same place and I think the time of the year is really good, it’s just like, it feels really good, really fun, and they’re great people.

GJ: We were just saying how Lo Moon is a good recommendation for anyone who like’s London Grammar because you fit together so well.

M: It’s been really fun, they are so awesome.

GJ: Well we are really looking forward to watching you perform later. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us.

M: No thank you, see you at the gig!

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